My 100th post for Akshaya Patra!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 Indian words with a Sanskrit meaning,
Akshaya= Immortal, Indestructible, Inexhaustible
Patra= Vessel

The organization, Akshaya Patra, has given an entirely new meaning to these 2 sanskrit words.

Their slogans say,

Feed a Child
Click a smile
No child must be deprived from food
Children can learn faster than you can imagine, all it takes is a filling meal

Akshaya Patra feeds, 1,253,266 children everyday and the goal is to reach 5 million by 2020 and note, its a NPO. What do i write about them, watch their very own video to see the unbelievable work they are doing for the children of India and their one filling meal.

This is my 100th post and i don't think it would have been any more special without this worthy and outstanding cause. Thanks to for such an opportunity to blog and feed 50 more children. Yes, that is what they say, 1 blog post for their cause=food for 50 hungry children :)

My few cents for these kids of India. May your futures be the brightest, kids :)
For donations,

Save me through this one pleaseeeeeee :(

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The trip to Bintan was amazing. This island brings to mind the words like indulge, explore, rejuvenate and refresh. Beautiful 2 days where i refreshed the memories Mandar and i made together since we met and fall in love. I wanted to blog about the serene beach, splendid resort, the beach view from our room, peacefulness in the widespread greenery, calmness about the south asian culture, the incredible customer service at Angsana resort, the flawless floral arrangements on various tables, the candles elevating your mood, the mellow asian music, the comforting aromas from the scented oil burners and so much more.

But, back to reality!

Oh god! Oh god!Oh lord!

Guess what! Its not just the beautiful memories i brought back with me to Singapore. OMG, these buggers i tell you. Sandfly its called i guess. Bless my heart, i have sandfly bites all over me :( Red rashes that itch like crazy. First i thought its the sunburn thats giving me a hard time and then i suddenly recalled this caution board that i almost ignored, read "Beware of Sandflies"....Awwwwwwww God, why did i miss it and never applied the insect repellent. I hate myself for being careless when it comes to reading NOTES/CAUTIONS/SIGNS/FINE PRINTS arghhhh! Now this will take weeks to heal, thats what the forums are saying!

Save me through this one!

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 30th: A as in Appreciate, Applause and Accomplishment!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A big Sigh of Relief first!
And then, a bigggggg Wohooooooooooooooooooo :)))))))))))
What a month, hey November 2010, you totally rocked :)
Last day, Last alphabet and a Last post, until next time of course!

I am not in a mood to compose anything today. This is going to be a short and sweet Bye-Bye to the Z-A challenge in 26 days. A big Appreciating Applause for Leo, the host of this challenge and an even bigger pat on my back for the Accomplishment :)

The day i decided to do it, i was excited. In the mean time, their were days when i was short of words, ideas, time, commitment and enthusiasm. Inspite, i decided not to quit, only to experience this feeling that i am having today. I am on cloud nine.

Thanks to all those who have been following, reading, commenting, not commenting, suggesting and most of all, having fun! The idea was to Create and have fun. Their was nothing to compete against anyone. The goal was to challenge yourself, which i did and won :)

Now, huh! Its time to take a break :) I will be off to Bintan, Indonesia, for the weekend and will update here only after that. Its our 3rd anniversary :))))))))

Until next time,

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 29th: B as in Bar!

Oh come on now, not a booze bar of course!
I am talking about the "Max Brenner Chocolate Bar". Yummmmmmm!

This place in Singapore serves irresistible chocolate delicacies that are deliciously creamy and rich. I had a Hug Mug Hot Chocolate. What an interesting name! Equally interesting is the menu, crockery and their presentation style. I pretty much chose my hot chocolate after loving the picture of this mug. It doesn't have a handle to hold on to, you just have to hug it and savor your hot drink to experience the heaven :)

Ya ya, i know, you all chocolate lovers out there are wanting to have a sip or two right now, isn't it? Don't give a damn about calories for now, just go and make yourself a cuppa hot CHOCOLATE and try to satisfy that insatiable craving you are having in this very moment :))

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 27th: C as in Colors!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Colors make me happy. Colors are the spice of my life.
Everything's dull if i am not surrounded with those vibrant shades.

Image Credits:
Prachi at
Archana at
Kathakali at
Archana at

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 26th: D as in Dimple!

Friday, November 26, 2010

For Ridima, my little sister who is Not so little. Ya, she is 5'8" and four years younger than me :( OMG, i look like, shhhh shh shh...ya, really short in front of know, wink wink! Well, she is a darling and more or less, a part of me.

Her tantalizing eyes, captures every glimpse,
Her dark long hair, with a natural crimp,
Her soothing smile with a sparkling crisp,
Two cute Dimples, beauty at its tip!

She's a darling,
She's a sweetheart,
How i miss her,
Its hard to depart!

A part of me she is,
The love we share,
Will only increase,
An understanding,
That will never cease!

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 25th: E as in Ecstasy!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I light the incense stick,
And watch the smoke mystic!
I urge to close my eyes,
Sensing the emotional rise!

Magical smell surrounds,
Blissful Ecstasy abounds,
An experience, profound,
Vibrant divineness around!

A long breath i take in,
Still staring with a mild grin.

This scented stick, makes the room smell "Rose",
I take a quick glance around and notice,
How differently now, everything glows!

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 24th: F as in Frustration!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frustration at its peak,
Tensions continue to creep,
Letting my stable mind creak,
And they call me, a stress freak!

Why o why?

New country, new place, new people, and most of all, new visa rules...
Every day is coming with a new surprise lately, i feel i almost have the right to be stressed out. 24th November will be a memorable day for me this year onwards. Situation had almost slipped from my hands today...some goodwill somewhere saved me, i think. I need some positive energy here. I feel awful :(

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 23rd: G as in Ganesha!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is a video that i simply adoreeeeee :)
Just watch her, Ayona, she is world's cutest little thing!
She gives a speech where she makes the mythology and Lord Ganesha's story sound interesting and cute :)

Notice, she says, "Ganeepati Pappa Moraya" :PPP instead of Ganpati Bappa Moraya!!!

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 22nd: H words and H adjectives for H as in Hemali :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes...she is the one who is loaded with millions of PJ's. Did i tell you she keeps reminding you about her birthday on every 10th of the year till November? Everyone will like to be the first one to pull her leg...thats how she is built, you know! Don't trust her if she says she is not emotional. She will act like the strongest person on this earth in front of you and cry like a baby when she is away. She manages to be the favorite in the bunch, i still don't know how :PP She can make friends with all ages, all genders, all races, no ifs and buts. She falls in the genre of people who effortlessly share your secrets but don't find it easy to open their own book. You can barely tell, A is her best friend and B is not, she likes C more and D irritates her :P

She has this little appearance with a few centimeters of height ;) & a few pounds here and there that she weighs but a massively huge heart that can fit just anyone inside her.

Another amongst my dear ones, H for Hemali. She reserved this alphabet for herself when i was still writing Y. She didn't have to. I wouldn't have wrote H for anything else other than the lovely, Hemali :)

I found on the journey of life,
This, One, darling friend,
Our bond reaching heights,
There is nothing to descend.

A heavenly friend, that Hemali has been to me, i am heart-fully thankful to God for how such relations have happened to be a part of my life. This hard to find, Heteroclitic breed, Hemali, how i love her :)

Heteroclite: Different

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 20th: I as in Implumous!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Beach-side, i was taking a walk,
And saw it lying by the rock,
Trying to make its way to the sky,
A bird, hurt wings, Implumous, Sigh!
I sat by this bird, watching it strive,
And felt so helpless, to see it rive!
I wish i had super powers, to make it fly,
Would have granted feathers, to see it up high!

Implumous: without feathers
Rive: tear apart

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 19th: J as in Jinn, Jinni or Jeannie, whichever you like :)

Me and my thoughts....

Me: I want to be with Mom today.
Thoughts: You can't be.

Me: What can i do?
Thoughts: Hmmm, nothing.

Me: Its her 50th birthday.
Thoughts: I already know that, isn't it?

Me: I did send her 50 flowers though.
Thoughts: No, the florist screwed up, its proly more than 50.

Me: Oh ya! right!
Thoughts: Back to me, i mean, back to your thoughts.

Me: Ya, i need that lamp.
Thoughts: The Jinn, you mean?

Me: Yes, i want to be a Jeannie. So i can be home in seconds.
Thoughts: Fraction of seconds actually.

Me: Hmmm. Ma will be so happy. Hey, wait. Is Jeannie spelt as Jinni or Genie?
Thoughts: Starts with a J mostly.

Me: Probably...
Thoughts: Google it!

Me: Yes! Jeannie, Jinn or Jinni, anyone. All J's.
Thoughts: Yes! You got your word for today then, J as in Jeannie :) Now write.

Me: Yeah....thats the one.
Thoughts: Happy now??

And hence i started....

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 18th: K as in Kathakali!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have saved every post-it note she gave me,
I remember every tea talk i have had with her,
I miss her when i recall how she woke me up on lazy mornings,
I was fond of the midnight gossip we did laying in our beds,
I crave for those brownies we baked at half passed 12,
I feel the need for her wisdom words in my melancholy times,
I learnt to write a few bengali alphabets with her,
I got inspired to read books from her,
I shared all facts "about me" with her and if i didn't, she figured it out, somehow!

Most people call her Kay-jee, short for Kathakali Ghosh. I call her KG. Few relations just click, no explanations needed. This one is out of those few for me. My room-mate, KG, we lived together for a very small span. However, the connection was instant. The day she left Birmingham, i felt empty deep down in my heart and since then we haven't met as of today. Her last image in my eyes is still clear, she said, " Hum Milenge, Rona Nahi" ("we will meet, don't cry").

This post is for her. I look forward to meet her and give her a longing hug, hopefully soon :)

Babooni (that is what she calls me :))

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 17th: L as in Letter!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Electronic age definitely saves both, time and hassle, and hence email is the mosttttt convenient medium of conversation to date. However, emotions are more, ahhh, how do i say it, "flowy", yes flowy is exactly what i want to say, when hands actually write, not type. Writing letters is something that still needs pen and paper, i think! and you?

Lately it is kind of forgotten,
Early on it used to be written,
Technology shows its own wonder,
Terminates dear old pen and paper,
E-mail is now, what we prefer,
Racks full of P-mail, is a mere clutter :(

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 16th: M as in Mid!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hmm...Its 1:00 pm, i know, i know, past 12 on the 16th November, huh! Out of the 26 alphabets, its M, the 13th letter today. So MID for coming midway in this challenge :)

What a stressful day,
Thats why, this little delay.
Morning started with a surprise bouquet,
And I thought Today's gonna be my Way.

Alas! Noon came with horrible things in reserve,
One after another, shocks hitting my nerve,
Brain went dead analyzing options, this or that,
I and the problems, facing each other, in a combat!

16th November, 11:30 to 12:00 PM,
Restlessly rushing through work i am,
Want to get home and write up that 13th letter M,
Its the MID today, now don't want to lose, damn!

But i missed the clock by a few ticks,
And Decided not to sleep before this is fixed!

So i tried to compose
This day full of torture,
I am not giving up,
---A hard Core blogger :)

Btw, this is the bouquet that my friend from India sent me as a bday gift. It arrived this morning :) Lovely, isnt it?
Thanks darling Anu!

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 15th: N as in Name!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A very old and repetitive custom in India and most of the world, girl has to take her husband's NAME after she gets married. I am not very much in favor of this tradition, custom or a mere freedom-attacking ritual. The first step into your marriage and you are compelled to do something you might not necessarily like.

I don't know how many girls agree but i strongly vote against this tradition. My name is my identity. World has known me by that name for years. Getting married doesn't mean you belong to a new world. Will the guy take his wives name and live by that for years? No. That wouldn't be fair,would it be?

A lot of Indian girls change both, their first and last names. So when i see a friend's request on facebook from a childhood friend, i simply ignore it. Why? Well i don't know who this XYZ is. Doesn't it scare you, being a non existing personality for people who have known you for years.

Parents give birth to a girl child, name her with all possible love in this world and she is asked to change it as soon as she ties a knot. So unfair.

I however am lucky when it comes to this. Mandar has never ever asked me to take his family name and dissolve my identity into his. So, i still remain Shalmalee Vaidya on my 26th birthday today, on the 15th November of 2010 :)

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 13th: O as in One!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Looking for a Word,
That starts with an O,
This writers block today,
Scares me like a foe!

Searching, Looking,
Thinking, Thinking,
Ideas stuck,
No luck,
And I am still,
Waiting, waiting!

This O, that O
Oh oh, no no,
Which O, what O,
No O? Hell No!

Finally, One comes across,
Saves me this One time,
Nothing fancy, Nothing hype,
Simple One, completes my rhyme :)

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 12th: P as in PA!

Friday, November 12, 2010

He brought me in this world,
In the warmth of his shelter,
Kept me in a cocoon,
Secure and furled.

He decided my gender,
And let me be a baby girl,
He filled my life with glitter,
Handled me like a delicate pearl!

He worked hard, day and night,
So i can live, easy and light,
No hardships did he let me face,
Like a diamond put in a safest place!

Proud to be a my PA's daughter,
He comes first and everyone's after!

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 11th: "Q" words

Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 things i like to do with the Q's on and off:

To Querl lazy in the Quilts
To read random Quotes
To eat Quadratini
To be Quietsome at times
To make few Quick-bucks here and there
To spend Quality time with books
To unfold the meaning in Quaint poems
To be playfully Quizzical
To collect Quadrins fallen on the streets :P
To feel Queenly on days

and i wish, cozy was spelt as Qozy, curious as Qrious, cute as Qute and so on, i could have extended this list to 20 things i like to do with Q's :)

Quirl: curl
unusual or different in character
Quadrins: A small piece of money or a half cent
Quizzical:mildly teasing or mocking

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 10th: R as in Relucent

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Resupine i am on my bed,
Effulging through the window,
Light fills my room widespread.
Utterly blissful morning it is,
Candescent sun-beams embed.
Eaves still loaded with sleep,
Nevertheless hands try to open the curtain,
To see the beautiful day ahead!

Relucent: Bright, shining
Resupine: Lying on the back
Effulge: To shine forth, to beam
Eaves: Eyelids or eyelashes

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 9th: S as in SALE!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have pretty much figured out that Singapore is not the place for clearance shopping. They say too many %'S off' here but it doesn't mean a whole lot. US was the place to knock out some awesome deals. Inspite of this fact, I was extremely excited to do my first clearance shopping in Singapore the other day. Heaps of clothes, oh how i love to get lost in those heapssssss :) Yes, i am a SALE SALE SALE person, wink wink :*

So the offer was to pick any piece out of the massive stock and its yours for S$3.
Fine Print: It may be defective!

and usually when i see such an offer, i almost always skip the fine print IMP note :) I picked up a couple of tops, checked or may be semi-checked them, paid at the counter, walked away.

Fine print again: No returns/No refunds!
Hmmmm! Interesting!

Out of the six tops, one has a torn lace, one is zip-less and one is missing buttons.But what the heck....I just went back next day and got a sewing kit :PP
Positive attitude you see :D

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 8th: T as in Taal

Sunday, November 7, 2010

TAAL means Rhythm in Indian musical terms. This word takes a considerable space in my world! I am an engineer by profession but art is my soul.

One hundred % inclination towards dance, music and theatre, thats me,
And Taal is a major part of all three.

Rhythm doesn't have a language, region or culture to it in my opinion. It is a free wave that spreads its own character. It makes your feet tap to its tunes irrespective of your origin, talent and rhythmic sense. You don't have to be a dancer to understand rhythm. You can absorb it all being a performer on stage as well as being a part of the audience, off stage.

I wish it wasn't necessary to graduate from a good school and have a commendable degree and and work and make money and live a life without actually living it! All i would have done is, written poems, danced around the world, played various instruments and would have learnt as many art forms as i can in one given life.

Thats my definition of LIVING! Unfortunately life is not fair to this extent.

So, for now, i am happy blogging!

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 6th: U as in Urge and Ughten

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Urge to see the UGHTEN on a Diwali morning in India,
Urge to be home again,
Urge to be with mom and dad,
Urge to see the fireworks,
Urge to feel the festivity in the same old way!

Memories make me weak!
Happy Diwali everyone!!!

PS: Ughten: Morning twilight

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 5th: V as in Vulcan

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wiki info:

The Vulcan statue is the largest cast iron statue in the world, and is the city symbol of Birmingham, Alabama, reflecting its roots in the iron and steel industry. The 56-foot (17 m) tall statue depicts the Roman god Vulcan, god of the fire and forge.

Here at the roots of VULCAN, we decided our fates for rest of our lives.
Under this seventh-tallest free-standing statue in the United States, Mandar proposed me to be with him forever after the November of 2006. The parking lot in the premises of Vulcan holds a special place in my heart.

So, no matter how many more alphabetical blogging challenges i participate in, my V will always stand for Vulcan :)

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 4th: W as in Wife

An interesting fact comes to my mind,
How husbands are caught in the grind!

Upside down, M and W,
Serves as a mirror image,

And yes yes yes, obviously,
That causes a worldly damage!

Two important women in his life,
One his Mother and other is WIFE,
M blackmails him with the past,
W threatens him for the future, Avast!

M stares to the east,
And W to the west,
Poor guy struggles in between,
To somehow save his nest :P

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 3rd: X as in Xeric

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


What kind of a letter is X. I mean seriously, do we ever think about X in a right way? Think of it and you will realize, X is often used as a "cross mark", a "don't", a "not", a "wrong". X belongs to a negative category and is full of dryness. Believe me or not, i googled words starting with the alphabet X and more than 50% of the words name some kind of a disease...good god!

Here is what X says,

Please don't say i am X for XERIC,
Why wont you rather think, i am unique !

I Know,
I don't spell L for Love and B for Blossom
But that doesn't mean i am not A for Awesome!

Yes, i know i stand for Wrong (X)
I have been doing it all along,
How otherwise would you praise Right (
If wrong is not sitting in its place uptight !!!

It takes courage,
To be an X,
To show all the negative sense,
To let the positive dwell around you,
Right now and hence :)

PS: Xeric means Dry.

Z-A challenge in 26 days:November 2nd:Y as in Your

Monday, November 1, 2010

In Your smell, i breathe you
In Your breath, i feel you
In Your feel, i touch you
In Your touch, i feel you
In Your feel, i breathe you
In Your breath, i smell you!

Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 1st: Z as in Zip

Sunday, October 31, 2010

And starts the Z-A challenge today!
26 days, 26 alphabets, 26 posts.

Yes, i am excited! So looking forward to zip up this challenge with ideas, creativity and enthusiasm. I personally think this is extremely self motivating and invigorating to find the best suitable word originating from a specific alphabet and putting a blog entry relevant to it.

Here is what i mean:
I have participated in a Z-A challenge (Host: My fellow blogger LEO), where we, all participants will write or at least try to write 26 posts on 26 days of November, excluding Sundays.

One new alphabet everyday
In the sequence of Z to A,
A new word daily,
Z as in Zip,
All creative minds together,
From toe to tip :)

This is the badge provided by Leo for bloggers participating in the challenge.

PS: He writes here and you are welcome to read more about this challenge here.

Soundless Silence...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Very Alone
In the crowd
No "company"
Just crowd.

Jokes, Jokes
No "laughs"
Just smiles.

Too much noise
No "Sound"
Soundless silence
Scaring "Around".

Lots here
Around and "In"
Nothing however
Feels "Within".

Honey....I love you :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

No, no....not really, i am not talking about Mandar (my hubby). I meant HONEY as in Honey Bunches of Oats :PP I LOVE IT. Full Stop.

I am sure you must have tasted it at least once and if not i strongly recommend it. I happened to eat it for the first time today since i left US and suddenly realized, i missed it....or may be i missed 139 Hayesbury CT, Birmingham, Alabama,USA where i have had endless spoons of this cereal, one morning after the other for 3 years.

Flavors sure have a feel and memory to it. The satisfactory burp after eating this, reminds me of all those sunny, wintry and springy mornings in Birmingham!

Ma MAC-intosh !!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Mac,

I have been an Apple fan for long now. For the very same reason, i was very much willing to buy a white Macbook during my "hunting for a new laptop" days. I had just started my Masters on a research assistantship and everybody knows how short of money RA's are after paying for tuition, rent, groceries and living. So i kept on looking and searching and looking and searching for a cheaper option and just couldn't get you out of my head.

Finally, that day, i decided to treat myself with the money i had saved from a couple of months of scholarship-salary. I made my mind to bring you home. Not waiting for anymore deals or upcoming thanksgiving sales, i bought you directly from Apple's website. You were my first big purchase from the salary i earned in my first job. The moment you were shipped,i started counting days for you to come home. Apple did a great job with your packaging but i was so anxious to see you, i almost tore it all in pieces and there were....The magnificent, white you! I blushed and was absolutely delighted to have you with me @ our home, Summit house apartments.

Since then--2006, i have had you in all my good and bad times. When i was writing my 130 pages of thesis, when i graduated,when i was looking for jobs, when i used to chat with Mandar for long nights, when i cried seeing my family miles away on the webcam, when i was blogging, when i didn't have time to surf and when i had so much time that i almost felt alone. Time changed, people did too but you have followed me like my shadow. No matter how many more versions of you come in the market and no matter how many more laptops i purchase in the coming future, you will always be my first love, darling MAC!

Your Proud Owner :)

One of those times :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

One of those times when you love yourself....One of those times when you want to feel that cold breeze on your face...One of those times when you want to take it all in and close your eyes satisfying yourself....One of those times when you want to dance alone in the room....One of those times when you want to hold the curtains and swing to the tunes....One of those times when you want to open the windows wide wide...One of those times when you can feel the trees swinging with the wind....One of those times when you want to move in slow motion......One of those times when you want to roll on the bed by yourself....One of those times when you want to blow kisses in the air....One of those times when you want to roll your fingers through your hair....One of those times when you want to look sexy for no one else but you....One of those times when you can feel Love flowing through your nerves....

This song gives me goose bumps every time i play it. Its one those times right now !