Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 17th: L as in Letter!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Electronic age definitely saves both, time and hassle, and hence email is the mosttttt convenient medium of conversation to date. However, emotions are more, ahhh, how do i say it, "flowy", yes flowy is exactly what i want to say, when hands actually write, not type. Writing letters is something that still needs pen and paper, i think! and you?

Lately it is kind of forgotten,
Early on it used to be written,
Technology shows its own wonder,
Terminates dear old pen and paper,
E-mail is now, what we prefer,
Racks full of P-mail, is a mere clutter :(


Anonymous said...

Yes, there is something so special about receiving a letter. On the other hand the ease with which we can communicate electronically is amazing. To think I'm making friends from all over the planet thrills me and opens my mind and heart.

Thanks for commenting on my L poem. Yes, I'm very much a lover of birds, animals, all things in nature. They are gifts from God, as I see it.

Have a happy day, Shalmalee. (I'm just beginning mine!)


Kayjee said...

I am a big fan of post mail, so do send me your postal address via email :)

Anonymous said...

i liked this. And i still love letters too . Infact am writing one to a friend these days ( i mean i started but not getting tiem to finish ;))

thanks for reminding about it :)

Anonymous said...

I soooo agree with you! And this is true for all those e-readers too! I mean, come on! Real books have their own charm!! :)

Lovely post, this! So very reminiscent of days gone by...

magiceye said...

the snail mail seems more personal

Leo said...

a letter seems nice to read n to feel the emotions.. nice one Shalmalee :)