Lost and found :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

A friend reminded me of having a blog...and i felt so....so...aww'ed? hmm'ed? wahh'ed?

If this gets published, it would be my first post for 2014...this makes me feel really bad but staying on a positive note its past midnight, i am awake, pulling my lappy out, ladies & gentleman...here i go :)

Things have been on top of me these last few months...totally! I have gone far away from my own self. I haven't "Created" a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g in these few months. Neither a DIY something nor a good piece of poetry. My blog has been all dry and mind has been full yet empty! Of course, a non-creative mind for me is, is empty. My graph of reading books has taken a dip and the librarian friends are proly waiting to see me again. I haven't listened to good music, i haven't cooked exotic dinners, i haven't even spoken to my favorite people lately.

But something triggered tonight and i came back searching my soul in this tiny space. Its been 8 years since i first met Mandar and how i relived all those years in the last hour. The time has rushed through but every moment is so alive, in me, in my heart! He has been such an extraordinary person that i have kept falling in love with him every single moment we spent together. To a lovely marriage and a perfect husband, Cheers!