March 25th...muah!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Darling.

Its Mandar's birthday. We were not high on a candle light dinner this year but was pouring this afternoon and we had a very romantic a mexican place "Salvatore's". Very cozy, you know. I drove to his office this morning and tried to set some romantic stuff on his desk. Flowers, a balloon, bday card and a gift along with few decorations. The good part is he loved the surprise :). The bad part is, he and his boss walked to his desk..."together"...duh!!! and saw my "I LUV U" decorations..."together" well :(. Lol.

Well, the lunch was all lovie dovie and i had a lot of butterflies in my stomach during those 45 mins...not that we are in our dating phase or anything...but...who knows :)) I felt something exactly like the lyrics say in this video...ohhh....i love this song!!! Its an oldie but a goodie :))


Monday, March 1, 2010

Yes i know. Hate is a strong word but its the only one that comes to my mind right now. This is for all who have betrayed you, your friend, your sister/brother or whom so ever. Huh!!! i am so Angry.

I hate when they promise,
and don't keep it.

I hate when they say Sorry,
and don't mean it.

I hate when they pretend
and don't really try.

I hate when its impossible
and just not difficult.

I can swallow the tense,
I can eat the frustration,
I can breathe through anger,
What do i do with the wound though?

For they can't make there mind,
I pity them,
For they can't commit to One,
I care the least as well.

Love is another strong word,
Handle it with care,
As much as brittle it is,
Betrayal you don't dare!!!
For me, i wont accept it,
and choose not to live with it,

So you all be careful out there,
Who all chose to "love"
Understand and cherish the word,
Relation is not something to Shove.