Patterns :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Since i have started working on a construction site, i have known americans on a different level. I had a lot of american friends in school, we hung out, had fun, but this is all different. Believe me or not, for the last 5 months i am here, i havent seen much of a "family guy" trend, the one who is married, has kids, and is having a sound life. They do have a fun life but none of them seem to be stable. A 26year old girl has 2 babies..she isnt married. 21 year old guy is not married and has 3 kids. A guy is 40 year old with an 8 year old son and is a single now. 35 year old person has an 18 year old son who is going to have a kid pretty soon. I knew this like 2 days ago. Today, the 35 yr old invited me for his wife's baby shower ...whoo! strange haan!!! A guy has dated a stripper for week, then he had a nurse for another week, he went out with a bar dancer and he tells me now, he has 3 kids, he is on his way to get divorced..."on his way" technically he has a wife too.

This is supposedly not about "just dating" or having sex for fun...these are messed up patterns of life in my opinion...but i am glad i came across this sector of america and got a chance to actually make friends with these patterns too :)

This...that...and whatever!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I have stacks of paper in front of me, infinite to-do lists all around, 100 post-its notes and god knows what else. But i feel the urge to write something right now.

This morning was really beautiful. I was driving to work at 5 am...extremely sleepy...closed my eyes for a second or two and ended up on the other side of the road when i woke up. SSShhhhhuuuuu....Was scared to death...didnt tell anyone about it. I stopped by a gas station some warm coffee and turned on the music real loud. The first song i heard was...ghanan ghan ghan...badra ke dhadkaye badarva...aha!!! loved every single tune of it at a volume of 26.

The other night when all of us were at the spain park high-school to play volley ball on a friday eve...we were sweating like hell. All husbands were off to get the cars from a far-away parking lot and we, all wives, who were miserably tired, for a change went into a nearby park, full of swings, slides and fun. Can you imagine jhuling a jhula after hec of a long time. I went back into my chilhood memories....The Nagraj Colony park, where we waited in humongous line to get to those swings...they meant whole world to me. The breeze you feel when you get closer to the sky, all that you let go when you swing back, the feeling of you being "aaj mein upar" is absolutely amazing....It was all dark that evening, sky full of stars, and i felt that breeze on my cheeks again...after a long long time. I breathed, smelled and felt satisfaction in and around me...

I know...i dont have anything specific "this or that" to say....felt like writing it all...i am miserably busy these days and thats when i think a lot...i thoughts are all mixed up (wohoo...not messed up though)...and i tend to throw such random things at my readers...i hope you guys dont mind basically blah blah and blah :))