The hunt !!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are you kidding me? Last post on 15th way! I have been crazy busy and really lazy otherwise. The stress level is now up here and I have to write to get relieved.

It’s that phase when I am not liking anything without friends. I am missing them all from back home and from Birmingham. All the ones around here have different lives and different directions, I feel. I haven't felt that connection yet. This urge to meet Bham buddies or school friends or college friends is driving me crazy.

Sometimes I think why can’t we just take our loved ones wherever we go? This ambitious life when superimposes those small joys like vada pav on a tapri, garam chai in a bad bad ambiance of a college canteen, limitless laughs on stupid jokes, waiting for a bus on a yuk bus stop, back benches and heights of inattentiveness in lectures, potlucks with loads of food, Saturday afternoon brunches and long lasting chit chats till dinner, late night walks to nowhere, midnight drives to somewhere, unending plans, cheap shopping sprees, THE SALE fever, coffee breaks, weekday afternoon time-pass and the list goes on. These simple things fade out in the hussle and bussle and you become an inseparable part of the corporate life. I still think that all this could be brought back if you find Friends and not just people. This can get really difficult, you know! Until now, friends just happened to me I think, I never looked for them! But here in Singapore I feel that I have managed to make a bunch of contacts but am still in search of “Friends”. The hunt of that special “Connection” continues.