Coz i am a dreamer and you are my dream :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I was on a flight from Japan to Singapore a few weeks ago reading a very charming novel, "The cake shop in the garden" by Carole Matthews. A chick flick fiction loaded with a beautiful summer, scenes by the river and love blossoming between the main leads. On this seven hour flight with a rich entertainment system available, i chose not to watch movies but read this book and listen to some soothing music. And if you know me, you already know that i was listening to hindi-romantic-songs (by default).

I was engrossed in reading one of the scenes with my hundred percent attention on it. At the same time i was listening to "Sun saathiya maahiya, Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan (ABCD 2)", that too with an equal amount of attention and focus .....and i paused! Was just sitting there staring into nothing and a thought crossed my mind! I was swaying and blushing. I had a mellow smile lingering on my lips, passing a happy & gleeful vibe through my entire body. The thought that crossed my mind was actually a realization to self, "I am a hopeless romantic!" See what urban-dictionary says about us:

Hopeless Romantic: This person is in love with love.They believe in fairy tales and love.They're not to be confused as stalkers or creepy because that's not what a hopeless romantic is. All hopeless romantics are idealists, the sentimental dreamers, imaginative and fanciful when you get to know them.They make love look like an art form.

Its so true, i really am in love with love and i am a sentimental dreamer and i believe in fairy tales:) Love stories make me happy! i can read, i can listen, i can watch, i can narrate, i can act, i can dance, i can sing, to the tune of a love story!

Love, in any language sounds lovely! Blink and wink :)

The White Experience!

If you haven't visited Alberobello, which i think is quite likely as it is a tiny little place tucked somewhere far in the south of Italy, you really should make an effort to go and see this town. Its a pretty little town made up in white stone. Pure white houses with super clean roads as if no one has ever used these. With a population of just 11,000 people (mostly older generation), this is such a unique, calm and cute town. I can talk about it forever even though walking around the whole town just took half a day, No...few hours, No...4 hours, Umm...3 and 1/2 may be, Ya....3 and 1/2 hours :)

The European street lamps, the stony pavements, the little pizzerias, the Juliet balconies and a unique-cozy warmth in chilly weather (may be because i was wrapped up in Mandar's arms:P)! While walking around, i felt its unreal, as if its an ideal set for a movie, as if real people don't live here, they have been told to mingle around to look real, haha! Its that perfect, that picturesque! We walked around the Trulo houses,  kept rushing inside the coffee bars to gather some warmth, trailed around the "business district" which was just one beautiful lane full of tourist shops selling handmade crocheted winter-wear and clicked tons of pictures.

This unesco sight Alberobello, Bari is worth a longgg train ride to the very south of Italy. Please please visit this place, its heaven on earth! Oh and do take a book along, read it sitting on the bench in the piazza, grab a hot chocolate from the vending machine across the piazza, you wouldn't forget the name, its called - "Automatic shop"  ;)

Divertiti, Ciao!

Time is flyingggg....:)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How many times have you heard people saying "Really, it's been five years already?? Time is flying". But if we peep in and have a closer look at our memories, its not so "flying" after all. A sequence of chores that we follow day in day out connect us to people, things, places that we might not necessarily know or intentionally take notice of.

I was walking to the metro station this morning and was following my usual routine. Considering that I leave home around the same time everyday, people I see on my way to office are same too. The two aunties walking there dogs and sitting on there favorite bench gossiping about don't know what! I unmistakably see them every single morning. This guy with a funky hat, taking the trash out from the garbage chute in my condo, I consciously make an effort to look at him without wrinkling my nose at the sight of trash and saying a very good morning to him with a broad smile. His job is the toughest, taking out people's trash is no fun. A little further I walk , the "Bonjour" bread guy is always filling in fresh bread in the vending machine for the residents, he turns back and raises his eyebrows saying "have a good day"...without actually saying it :P ya, we kind of have an understanding :P. Grrr, the moment I step on the wet floor cleaned by a very old uncle in front of the post office, I curse myself but he is never cross, he always looks at me with a warm smile and I right away feel like volunteering to mop the floor with him. He is really old and my heart breaks to see him doing it in hot sun everyday.

As soon as i walk past the escalator in the mall on the way to the metro station, smell of the fresh toast and tea puts a grin on my face. No, i don't eat at this place but this fresh scent of a usual morning where people rush together to work, is a mix of toast & tea & their favorite body wash or perfumes & news papers & novels & smiles & stares & many more things! The day just kick starts with all these people you see on the trains & in the buses, doing hundred different things but consciously or unconsciously they become a part of your life. When you look back at your memories, they may be a little insignificant to sparkle on top of your head but they really are the ones who significantly contribute to your routine of 365 days. 

Life amuses me everyday, in one way or the other :)