Absolutely Cafe'd :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If i get a chance to develop a small part of land in this world, anywhere, I would crowd it with cafes. Small ones, big ones, old style, contemporary, vintage, chic, English, cozy…cafes. The concept in itself is miraculous. To go and sit with a hot cup of drink, read or just watch people, listen to music or enjoy the sun, do your nails or simply think, get nostalgic or chat endlessly. Cafes have no dress code for the fun of it, no one cares about your dressing sense and you still won’t be left out. Your outfit claims Your style because cafes are So YOU, no one escorts, no one serves, no one asks questions like “Would you like some more coffee?” Just pick a cup and claim your seat, sit there for hours and….and what? Who cares!! 

They are for you to unwind…unwind stress or whichever that mood you are carrying before walking into this magical world of coffee and tea and croissants (yummmm).... the aroma turns your ho-hum world up and down :) and you are instantaneously on some other planet.

Be it the coldest of winters or hottest of summers, cafes just work for me, you know!
How to put my thoughts into words?
It’s something like an artist who knows how to breathe life into his portrait…

Yaaa, i think that's about it!

Oh and yes... that's why i want to move to Europe...for the love of...Cafes :))