If kisses were snowflakes, I would send you a blizzard :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wind blows and my hair is riding waves in the rainy air,
The Rain droplets drizzle and  my eyelids twitch,
I look through the beaming sun but the sun stares at the flowers,
Flowers shining in the morning glory, admire the butterflies on it,
The butterflies...not the one on that flower but those that i feel in my stomach :)

Hmm, all this because hub looks at me this morning all dressed in white (that's his favorite color) carrying a white umbrella, gives me a good second glance, clicks a picture and says "Ahem, Girl in white and blue! Chan Distes" (you look beautiful in Marathi). This man has an effect on me, damn!

Really? That's all it takes for me to feel those butterflies when it comes to you Mandy?

In Love today,

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Not a usual December for sure! Full of doctors, medicines, treatments and stress! But all is good now and there is a sudden realization that its already 24th of December and i have been caught up so badly that i haven't even noticed my favorite month pass by so fast...so incredibly fast. The least i can do is put a post quickly on this beautiful cloudy Xmas eve :)

Many friends have either left or are leaving on a holiday today, traveling to mesmerizing locations. We would have been roaming somewhere around the world if it was not for Ruhaan. Howeverrrr, this year its all together a different joy to plan a trip to the nearest mall to buy Xmas gifts for Rui, dress him in Xmas sleep suit tonight, open presents tomorrow morning and learn this new side of Xmas with #Santa Claus#Reindeers#Gift-opening#kids stuff# and most wonderful of all, experience the Family bonding over this holiday season-our small little family of three! Last year this time i was desperate to give birth @ 8 months of pregnancy and get this little bub out of my tummy. Just 9 months after his birth i see him walking on his 2 little feet & exploring the world. "A proud and amazed mum" !!!

Let me get going now, i need to buy fresh bakery (that's my another xmas tradition-lots of calories :P) and Rui's present :)

A very merry Christmas all !! Take it easy and chill :) Jingle bell Jingle bell, na na na naaaaa....