This change in me is Novel or its a Novel ME ???

Monday, August 15, 2011

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"Its amazing how you can speak right to my heart.....You say it best, when you say nothing at all...."

Ahh...beautiful lyrics and lovely song! Its "Our" song, Me and Mandy!

I am amazed to see the curve of our relationship going up and up and up. Five years ago, same time of the year we met each other for the first time and blink blink....fell in Love! Beautiful Love, which still is, exactly the same as it was on our first date, Sweet!

But one big difference between today and back then is Trust, the trust that is built up over years . Its the insecurities that made me crazy at a point but today i feel Free, free of insecurities that i had 5 years back, 4 years back, 3 years back, 2 years back.....

He is in Bangkok right now having a "guys-out" holiday, i mean in "The Bangkok" and i want him to have all the fun he can. Ironically i watched Hangover part II this weekend (if you have seen it, you already know what i mean) and i am perfectly fine! My mind doesn't wander in the strip clubs he might go to while going crazy in the wild city. It feels great to not sneak in his email while he is away.

And i am enjoying this new essence of ME being bound in a marriage yet being careless about the boundaries i sometime ago wanted my husband to be in!

The "Insecurities" are now Obsolete and My "Free Mind" on the other hand is novel today :)

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