While smelling this mysterious scent of the rain....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday!

While doing my weekend chores, the bedroom darkened suddenly and i happened to look outside the window. Dark skies, strident lightening awaiting the rains to pour down tearing the clouds apart. A glance at the beauty of this weather through my window and i instantly pulled out my favorite lens for close and sharp shots. Owning a DSLR is so worth it at such times!

I am home by myself this weekend and decided to watch "The Lunchbox" before this Sunday blurs into sameness. Well, for the love of Irfan Khan & his extra ordinary talent, i never read reviews before watching his films. What a perfect choice for such a day and what a beauuuutiful movie (I hope you can sense the intensity of "beauuuutiful" just the way i am trying to convey it)! Movies which treat you with a plot and direction of less to hear and more to watch, always impress me the most and "The Lunchbox" is absolutely one of those.

I am deciding the title for this post but am still unsure....something about the weather? or the rains? or the movie makers? or ...? Duhhh! For now-enjoy this song with a Coffee (of course!!! coffee hasss to peep in my post, right? :))

oh and my clicks here....have a great week ahead on this "rainy" note!

The hunt is temporarily paused :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Remember this post from the newy times after moving to Singapore...i was so amused at the fact that sometimes friends cannot just happen and they have to be searched for but its not completely true indeed!

Yes, i have settled down here and the roots have started to spread wider. The hunt is coming to an end for now. I feel like home in Singapore and its not because of just the familiarity of this place, its because of the "people" who have slowly and steadily grown to become "Friends" and some "Best of Friends" :)

All those "dreams" of hanging-out "again" with the same chilled-out attitude when you don't really need to think before spilling the beans have turned real....Surely in the supreme absurdity of dreams there is always truth :)

I am back to the long chit chats, chai sessions and holy trinity of girliness :)

Life's good again!

Lets march Onwards and Upward!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

May was coming to a beautiful closure, only before I got this tragic news of my granddad routing to heavens. He was burnt to ashes by the time I reached home, only to see his empty bed, his clothes hanging with a familiar lingering smell, an old old radio almost all covered in cello tape and this beautiful picture of my grand-mom hanging alone on the wall, smiling at me. Her cheery sentiment struck a chord instantly of them being together now somewhere in the air or clouds or skies,  I don’t know, and I was happy!

Something more unreal happened after this. My dad took me along to the crematory for what we hindus call “Asthi-Visarjan”… remains of the dead person are collected and immersed in a river. All you have is some left over bones & ashes that have to find a resting place in flowing water. Usually Son of the departed soul is the one who does Asthi Visarjan and whatever the culture or traditions say, girls are NOT to enter the crematory for whatever the reasons may be! Now you know why I said “something unreal happened”- in a small town like Sangli, 50 odd Males in the crematory were looking at me like I came from some other world…. Or like my dad was this insane person who was encouraging me to collect the remains…Or like their own cremation-rituals almost took second place as they all seemed to be forgetful about the recent death in their families…Or me being the only girl there became a more important scene to turn their heads to! Arghhh! All I cared about was cherishing the last pieces of my granddad that were in my two hands and now I had to let them go, for ever!

Unfair believes be damned! I am proud of my dad for taking this step! Let my grandpa rest in lots of peace!

The Unplanned is always sweet :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What a roller coaster these two months have been. April and May were by far the busiest months of my entire life. I was in for a ride both physically and emotionally. Travel was almost non-stop to a point where at the end of May I had about 5 bags lined in a row begging to be unpacked ;).

More intense were the emotional ups and downs….Pause…. **Warning: Long sentence ahead before coming to a Full Stop**…..ok, Continue :)…where I met my long lost friend Asmit after a good seven years break, hung out with my long time crush Actor/director Rajat Kapoor (of course i am blushing) invited a Bollywood celebrity home for dinner, experienced excitement of The Great Vinay Pathak performing live in his hotel room with the only Audience apart from his team being “me” (of course i am showing off), not only attended a wedding of my bestie which was due for a long thousand years but also walked her through the aisle of this beautiful church (of course i am not crying...phew), hung out with my cool dude BIL after a long 4 years who traveled all the way from US with a stopover in the lion city before reaching India.

Meeting Asmit made me realize that some things never change...the seven-year gap was instantly erased and we went back to the same old equation! I learnt the real meaning of being down to earth after meeting Vinay ji, what a gem he is! Rajat kapoor & his play "Nothink like Lear" took me back to the times of drama rehearsals i used to sit in-my most lovely time spent ever! Walking the bride through an aisle is no simple thing, it depicts a strong bond with the bride and the bond between us i think carved confirmation on her wedding day.

With this sequence of happenings I really don’t know what I treasure most. Every person mentioned here has an important place in my heart. Times pass by and we don’t get a chance to talk, to meet, to see people we love and these 2 months just brought together an unexpected number of events that were destined to happen. Isn’t this surprise element in life the most you will remember and cherish for the coming years?

Who Knows?

Monday, April 8, 2013

 Sitting on the Airport, waiting to board my flight, no wifi connection and everyone would agree that data roaming is too expensive! Eyes and brain cells too tired of working, so reading a book-out of question. Whats my next option? Simply sitting & looking around, hmm, doesn't sound too bad! 

Its really interesting to just look around on airports, so many people with their own different stories are chatting, eating, laughing, dozing, shopping! But something really caught my eye that day was a couple departing and going to two different gates for flying their own ways. Now i kept looking for a few moments, both were crying (yes! the boy as well), kissing passionately and looking at each other without winking even for a second. I could feel their pain distance away, their hands intertwined, bodies up-close and the warm everlasting stare that could not have moved unless their was to be something as crazy as an earthquake.

Aww, the two strangers, So much in love! I know this line from somewhere, "To meet & Part is the way of life but to Part & Meet is the hope of life". True, ehh?

And then right after being charged up by this emotional experience, i heard a very heartbreaking story of a friend who got a divorce after his long marriage. He is very happy & relieved after breaking the love-bonds which proved to be quite a rough patch of his life. Only So much for love?

This leaves me with discomforting thoughts, whats the Way & whats the Hope really? with the most beautiful emotion in life--Love, Who knows?


I want to go home...da da daaa :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

I want to go home, da da daaa :) I am total vella today! Rather I have made myself available for vella-bility coz nothing urgent has come up at work (phew! Surprisingly !) and rest can wait! Never mind lahhh!
Busy week is much better than a dragging week but hey, some lazy and relaxing days at work are not too bad as well.  Last evening I got out of office at sharp 5 pm and instantly tuned into 96.3 FM, what bliss! There was no stopping this RJ who was literally on fire, back to back unbelievably melodious hindi tracks! Ok, half of them might be on my playlist but the exciting part of listening to a radio is it takes you  on a surprise ride! It’s almost like a super duper shuffle function on your iPod!
Suddenly I got thinking what if there was no such thing called music or songs or hindi songs to be more specific. Of course I am a big Hollywood country music fan but it can never ever beat the sheer joy of  listening to hindis. The language just retains more emotions & feelings, for me! So back to the point of living without music, can u even imagine that? I just feel it might not be worth living anymore, the definition of basic needs should be changed in the community-living-textbook for kids-food, clothing, shelter and…?? And Music! Really! It’s that much of an inseparable part of my life but when was the last time I thought about this…don’t know, don’t remember, never…I guess (eyes rolling & face confused - my expression right now)!

Hmmm, so that’s my message for today, never take things or people for granted, you may only realize how worth they were in their absence! Taking a mental note of who is worth what, once in a while sounds like a good idea to me :)
I want to go home, da da daaaa ! Happy Friday, Again!

Cheers to the 7th valentine day with you :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Take me out on a date
To that beautiful hill top
Give me a warm stare, full of love
Like sunshine twinkling a dewdrop!

Light those candles yellow & bright
And let me melt into you tonight
Take me back in the moment I saw you first
To feel newy again, with the time reversed! 

Make my heart beat faster
And let me out of breath
Touch me like you used to
You beside me, I fear no death!

I would live this same life back and forth
If you promise to be always by my side
I will renew the same vows all over
To this heartfelt promise I forever abide!