While smelling this mysterious scent of the rain....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday!

While doing my weekend chores, the bedroom darkened suddenly and i happened to look outside the window. Dark skies, strident lightening awaiting the rains to pour down tearing the clouds apart. A glance at the beauty of this weather through my window and i instantly pulled out my favorite lens for close and sharp shots. Owning a DSLR is so worth it at such times!

I am home by myself this weekend and decided to watch "The Lunchbox" before this Sunday blurs into sameness. Well, for the love of Irfan Khan & his extra ordinary talent, i never read reviews before watching his films. What a perfect choice for such a day and what a beauuuutiful movie (I hope you can sense the intensity of "beauuuutiful" just the way i am trying to convey it)! Movies which treat you with a plot and direction of less to hear and more to watch, always impress me the most and "The Lunchbox" is absolutely one of those.

I am deciding the title for this post but am still unsure....something about the weather? or the rains? or the movie makers? or ...? Duhhh! For now-enjoy this song with a Coffee (of course!!! coffee hasss to peep in my post, right? :))

oh and my clicks here....have a great week ahead on this "rainy" note!


A said...

Loving the rainy photos. I think it's about to rain here too.

abhijit said...

mast clicks...perfect atmosphere 4 uuuu...;-)