Saturday, May 31, 2008

Writing is my best form of expression and that is the reason i am doing it right now. I need to sort out my delicate feeling which is hurt. I have always claimed my self through my poems, written thoughts, letters, essays...some or the other form of writing.
There is one hidden thought behind all this. I always dreamed of somebody writing something for me. I have seen people satisfy themselves when they get something in a written form especially for them. It feels good when you see a group of words newly born ...just for you, your presence in this world is the reason for there something impressive. So, the core is.... i wanted a poet around me. I always thought of a person who would have noticed my each move, my smile, my particular style of moving, my extra activities while talking and have composed a poem with a gist of all this. The unique composition of words with an essence of his artistically characterized form and rhythm would have expressed an intensely imaginative interpretation of...ME!
That is one amazing thought and one amazing feeling i always felt the hunger for.
Rationalizing this thought, not many people can write. Not a whole bunch can do a literary composition with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of a poetry than of a prose. Same is the case with my husband. He is world's best buddy, partner in crime, lovely friend, excellent support but...not a poet. Oh!how do i accept this now? Its so hard...this was the one thing i kept on looking for and that is the one missing :( I dont have to make an issue with this...God gave me a person ALMOST close to a one hundred and that ALMOST accounts for not being a poet. I should not bring this up...i feel guilty sometimes...he does all those 99 things and you blame it on the one that is lacking. But its me and my self who understands the precious value of that one expression.
I wish someday he will feel the same hunger and some miracle will inspire him to write a poem and interpret me through words....oh!that will be THE DAY!