"TODAY" was different...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today was different...it was not a Friday. Yes..friday's are special for me. I leave from school and ride up all the way home as if i am a free bird. I do not follow the the usual routine,i dress in gaudy colors and make sure that people notice the friday mood and swing in the air. The moment i take off towards my car in the parking lot, i feel....aahhhh :) So, pretty much i can do all the inane things on a friday eve :)...thats my exception to me being a fairly discplined women.Today was something different though. I was leaning towards being inane without a FRIDAY.

I never heard the weather forecast throughout the day or the day before...that is strange for sure...coz i usually track the weather and plan accordingly. Why get caught in a thunderstorm and then blame meteorologist Stephanie Walker on 102.5... :)...(she is the one who judges and gives the weather forecast...i suppose she works for NBC 13). Anyways, back on track..

So, the weather was full of gloomy skies...a perfect melancholy mood...very much suitable to spend a little time on the boredom blues...to be undoubtedly despondent about your life...and a well defined time to promote your depressive spirits.
Ahh! but it never happened so. This weather turned me on...i was actually happy about the pleasing dark shade of the gloomy sky. I was about to get on the Inter-State-65-South which runs all the way to my house from my school, and what i saw coming across was this black dude in his car...fulto funky. He had a ramshackle car which seemed like a literary archaic piece...the blatant radio and his vociferous music would have usually annoyed me to death but guess what...i was agreeable and enjoyable to whatever he was doing and listening :) And here i proceeded with the radio in my car which was NOT blatant and emitted some form of a soothing country tune and i was blushing for no reason.I quickly went ahead and turned on the CD as i felt the urge to feel the rhythm in Indic vernacular and i started listening to hindi songs. To go well with the atmosphere, here started the song from a Farhan Akhtar film "Dil Chahta Hai". Just to eleviate the mood with the mellifluous voice of srinivas for "Kaisi hai ye rut ki jisme", i started tapping the steering wheel and accompanying the artists with the instruments...though i suck at it...i never stopped :)

The traffic was not a problem today...no anger, no depressing moods, no honking, no speeding...everything was perfect. I made my way home with all the possible positive spirits one can have. I took the exit and drove down the fantastic road called "Old Montgomery Highway" which is full of greenery. The road has ups and downs, ramps which takes you through a wonderful green shot at different heights. By the time i took this road, rains had approached my way and the journey was even more beautiful in its company. I reached home and got out of the car with the overwhelming memory of the same usual road in a different way TODAY....

Kolhapurchi mahalaxmi....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is such a live photograph...Isnt it?
At first glance i had a feeling of being in kolhapur infront of the Mahalaxmi who is often called as Ambabai...

Ambecha udo
Ambabai cha udo majhya...


You know what...i found this sight today which lists the MULTILINGUAL MULTISCRIPT PLANT NAME DATABASE...and since my name refers to one of the plant species called as Bombax ceiba L...i found it interesting...Here you go!

Marathi: Saanvari, Saura.

ASSAMESE : Himila, Himolu.

BENGALI : Katseori, Roktosimul.

BURMESE : Didu, Lepanbin, Letpan.

CHINESE : 木棉 Mu mian (as B. malabaricum).

DUTCH : Simalboom, Randoe alas (as G. heptaphylla), Zijdekapokboom .

ENGLISH : Indian cottonwood, Indian kapok, Kapok tree, Red cottontree, Red-flowered silk-cotton tree, Red silk-cotton, Red silk-cotton tree, Shaving brush, Silk cottontree, Simal tree.

FRENCH : Arbre bombax, Fromager.

GERMAN : Indischer Seidenwollbaum, Semul, Roter Seidenwollbaum.

GREEK : Βόμβαξ ο μαλαβαρικός Vomvax malavarikos.

HINDI : Kaantisenbal, Kantisembal, Rakat senbal, Semal, Semar kanda, Semul, Semur, Shembal, Shimbal, Simal, Simul

KHMER : Roka.


PORTUGUESE : Algodoeiro do mato, Bómbax, Bonga, Borracha, Borracho, Cartageno, Ceiba, Imbiruçu, Kapok, Paineira da India, Panha, Panheira, Sumaúma.

SPANISH : Arbol capoc, Arbol kapok.

SANSKRIT : Shaalmali, Shalmali.

TAGALOG : Buboi gubat, Malabulak, Taglinau.

TAMIL : இலவு Ilavu, பூலா Puulaa, முள்ளிலவு Mullilavu.

THAI : งิ้ว Ngio, งิ้วบ้าน Ngio ban, งิ้วแดง Ngio daeng, งิ้วปง Ngio pong, งิ้วปงแดง Ngio pong daeng, งิ้วหนาม .

VISAYAN : Salay, Talutu.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ANU...my best friend...
18th june...its her birthday today!
I wish i was there to celebrate it with lots and lots of flowers, her favorite cake, lots of chocolates and with her idea of celebration. To be honest, i never got a chance to do so...her birthday was always our vacation time and she use to be back home,in Jammu. The craving to celebrate her birthday in my style was usually left half way through and i ended up giving her a call from miles away to wish a warm birthday. Its no change this time...i will give her the same warm birthday call and thats it!

I was thinking about all this and it suddenly clicked me...why not a blog? why not a new post for her? I am sure she will love it if i write something for HER.

So...this is dedicated to my bestest, nearest and dearest friend...ANU.
It was a time...when these three letters came into my life and everything changed. Friendship was a nightmare with some of the so called friends back then. ANU was the person who completed the real meaning of friend with her presence. We were far apart for a year, just a hi and a bye ...and thats it. Circumstances permitted and we got closer and there after fun seemed to have no full stop. How many adjectives can i use to express our times...pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction and muchhhhhhh more.A logical or natural association between two persons, in other sense the relevance of one to another; thats what i call : CONNECTION! The connection was great...the chemistry was awesome...not a single moment that i remember was out of place. Life was solely a mess with engineering, our engg. college and conservative mentalities studying there but everything was in place when it came to US. The bond never failed to understand each other in tedious times...we went through a lot but came out of it very soothingly through our relation which was as thick as it could be...thick to the power of infinity in mathematical terms :)
I had to come here...in the U.S...miles went on increasing the physical distance between us but it never felt so....i never ever had a dream of a thought that we were apart. One soul, one mind, two bodies sharing a whole lot of common's in between, thats what me and ANU stand upto...
I wish her every possible happiness throughout her life and may God do the favor of giving her everything that she wants...and you know ANU, what i am talking about :)

Love you and Miss you...
Happy Birthday!
Have lots of fun!