Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 1st: Z as in Zip

Sunday, October 31, 2010

And starts the Z-A challenge today!
26 days, 26 alphabets, 26 posts.

Yes, i am excited! So looking forward to zip up this challenge with ideas, creativity and enthusiasm. I personally think this is extremely self motivating and invigorating to find the best suitable word originating from a specific alphabet and putting a blog entry relevant to it.

Here is what i mean:
I have participated in a Z-A challenge (Host: My fellow blogger LEO), where we, all participants will write or at least try to write 26 posts on 26 days of November, excluding Sundays.

One new alphabet everyday
In the sequence of Z to A,
A new word daily,
Z as in Zip,
All creative minds together,
From toe to tip :)

This is the badge provided by Leo for bloggers participating in the challenge.

PS: He writes here and you are welcome to read more about this challenge here.

Soundless Silence...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Very Alone
In the crowd
No "company"
Just crowd.

Jokes, Jokes
No "laughs"
Just smiles.

Too much noise
No "Sound"
Soundless silence
Scaring "Around".

Lots here
Around and "In"
Nothing however
Feels "Within".

Honey....I love you :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

No, no....not really, i am not talking about Mandar (my hubby). I meant HONEY as in Honey Bunches of Oats :PP I LOVE IT. Full Stop.

I am sure you must have tasted it at least once and if not i strongly recommend it. I happened to eat it for the first time today since i left US and suddenly realized, i missed it....or may be i missed 139 Hayesbury CT, Birmingham, Alabama,USA where i have had endless spoons of this cereal, one morning after the other for 3 years.

Flavors sure have a feel and memory to it. The satisfactory burp after eating this, reminds me of all those sunny, wintry and springy mornings in Birmingham!

Ma MAC-intosh !!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Mac,

I have been an Apple fan for long now. For the very same reason, i was very much willing to buy a white Macbook during my "hunting for a new laptop" days. I had just started my Masters on a research assistantship and everybody knows how short of money RA's are after paying for tuition, rent, groceries and living. So i kept on looking and searching and looking and searching for a cheaper option and just couldn't get you out of my head.

Finally, that day, i decided to treat myself with the money i had saved from a couple of months of scholarship-salary. I made my mind to bring you home. Not waiting for anymore deals or upcoming thanksgiving sales, i bought you directly from Apple's website. You were my first big purchase from the salary i earned in my first job. The moment you were shipped,i started counting days for you to come home. Apple did a great job with your packaging but i was so anxious to see you, i almost tore it all in pieces and there were....The magnificent, white you! I blushed and was absolutely delighted to have you with me @ our home, Summit house apartments.

Since then--2006, i have had you in all my good and bad times. When i was writing my 130 pages of thesis, when i graduated,when i was looking for jobs, when i used to chat with Mandar for long nights, when i cried seeing my family miles away on the webcam, when i was blogging, when i didn't have time to surf and when i had so much time that i almost felt alone. Time changed, people did too but you have followed me like my shadow. No matter how many more versions of you come in the market and no matter how many more laptops i purchase in the coming future, you will always be my first love, darling MAC!

Your Proud Owner :)

One of those times :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

One of those times when you love yourself....One of those times when you want to feel that cold breeze on your face...One of those times when you want to take it all in and close your eyes satisfying yourself....One of those times when you want to dance alone in the room....One of those times when you want to hold the curtains and swing to the tunes....One of those times when you want to open the windows wide wide...One of those times when you can feel the trees swinging with the wind....One of those times when you want to move in slow motion......One of those times when you want to roll on the bed by yourself....One of those times when you want to blow kisses in the air....One of those times when you want to roll your fingers through your hair....One of those times when you want to look sexy for no one else but you....One of those times when you can feel Love flowing through your nerves....

This song gives me goose bumps every time i play it. Its one those times right now !

The entire PORTAL thing is a mess!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do job portals help in actually getting jobs? I dont think so...and what do the HR's do? They dont even want to reply to the emails...WTH!

I am almost feeling like copies of my CV are being distributed all over the universe.
The open position is a perfect match to my profile and their are hundreds of such matching positions on these portals and i am nowhere within the shortlisted candidates? Is that agreeable? The previous job i got was through networking as well.... then why to keep posting resumes to these frustrating portals....and their are tons of such websites all over the internet....why? I dont know a single person personally who actually found work through these sites. They should stop posting adds if they dont want to actually employ candidates. Please....DONOT post openings and waste time, YOURs and especially OURs...huh!

Oops...too many "Actually"s in this post...can't help...
A little frustrated as you can see !!!

Aha!!! Chai :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a wonderful cup of tea!!! Thanks to Chirag.

I am craving to drink tea since i have reached Singapore. Canteens on campus do serve good coffee but no chai :( Oh...my mornings crave for it! Noway....starting your day without tea....nightmare i tell you. My friend chirag found an awesome solution. I didn't know about these magical instant packets of tea+sugar+creamer++++++added masala flavor to it, all in one. One cup of hot boiling water+this magical packet=Fantastic Tea is ready :) It doesn't even taste like those typical mixofied instant tea packets. This is prettyyyyy close to our homemade masala wali chai.

You made my day :))
I owe you Chirag !!!

FYI: Cooking is not allowed on the campus accommodation. That is the reason i am so delighted after finding this superb masala tea packet.