Aha!!! Chai :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a wonderful cup of tea!!! Thanks to Chirag.

I am craving to drink tea since i have reached Singapore. Canteens on campus do serve good coffee but no chai :( Oh...my mornings crave for it! Noway....starting your day without tea....nightmare i tell you. My friend chirag found an awesome solution. I didn't know about these magical instant packets of tea+sugar+creamer++++++added masala flavor to it, all in one. One cup of hot boiling water+this magical packet=Fantastic Tea is ready :) It doesn't even taste like those typical mixofied instant tea packets. This is prettyyyyy close to our homemade masala wali chai.

You made my day :))
I owe you Chirag !!!

FYI: Cooking is not allowed on the campus accommodation. That is the reason i am so delighted after finding this superb masala tea packet.


Agnes said...

Oh really? You're not allowed to cook? :-(
There's nothing like a perfectly perfect cup of tea :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you are not allowed to cook!?

I absolutely LOVE masala chai, but hey- you know that already :)

magiceye said...