What a day!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Its 6:50 am. I am sitting in my car...roadside. Its drizzling...sun is hiding behind the clouds.... and i give a shot @ writing whatever happened in last couple of minutes.

I got up with a heavy headache this morning..double thoughts about calling-in sick. next moment...i made my mind to go to work. Ready, got in the car and was off on my daily road in dark, chills and rain. Tried calling my mom as i always do...she didnt answer. I was a lil awake, lil sleepy...driving to the tunes of lagan lagi tumse mann ki lagan...a person flashed headlights at me and i thought why?? My "why" thought was still incomplete and the next thing i saw was a log lying on the road, just ahead of me, and BANG...bam bam bam!!!I hit the log real hard...tire was obiviously flat. I somehow pulled the car over into a driveway and waited, waited and waited for 2 minutes. My breathing was a lil heavy, pulse was beating hard... This guy who flashed the lights @ me comes back and asks," do you want me to change the tire?" In a split second i said, "No thanks...i think i am gona call a friend". He left...in another split second i did regret...was it right to ask him to leave? Anyways, it all happened for a reason coz i found out later that i didnt have a spare tire. Meanwhile 5 people stopped by and offered help but i rejected all of them coz i didnt know whom to trust. Moving on, i started calling my husband...it took about 15 calls to wake him up...tried calling colleagues...nobody answered. Finally i decided to call 911....my best bet...and before doing that i called my hubby one last time and he answered.Oh!!! what a relief!!! I called the roadside service as he advised me to, the ETA to tow me and the car was 1 hr. what the hell!!! Between , few cops stopped by to say hi...they were my friends by the time i left ;) because the towing vehicle arrived after 2 hrs and 10 minutes. WHAT THE F***!!!!!!!

I hardly wanted to look @ this tow expert BEN...or VAN...or whoever....i dont even remember....and he says " sorry it took so long..."gadhva...kuthe tari jaun jeev de" i actually mumbled it in marathi ;) Finally the car was on and me in the tow-truck.
On the way to med center mazda, i called everybody who was trying to help from where he/she was. Mandy from home, my colleagues from office and mom from india :)
The great Jason @ the service center gave me another good news, "Maam, the rim is broken and the battery is dead too. It might take 2 hrs if the tire is available. If not...????

Mandy...tring tring...2 more hrs...pick me up.
I hardly hung up the phone...
A fairly old guy...does anyone need a ride?? shuttle is ready to go!!!

Mandy...tring tring...i am going to take the shuttle...dont pick me up.
I reach home and at that very moment...it strikes me...
My house keys...with the car keys...in MED CENTER MAZDA :(((((((((

Mandy...tring tring....no keys...please come home...
And finally...15 minutes later...i saw a green mazda coming in our driveway and i thought...My savior is here...now nothing can go wrong :)

So...a day worth of no work, $0 paid (since i get paid hourly), $300 worth of repair, $107 worth of 2 hrs waiting for the towing service and a day full of errors.

But the "Afterall kiss" from my savior made it all WORTH :)