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Sunday, January 22, 2012

First post for the New Year. I have been slacking. I Know! All I have dealt since September 2011 is check-ins, check-outs, baggage claims and crammed airplane seats....some personal travel, some business, most of it unavoidable though! But whats a better place than an airport when you are waiting for the next thing to happen and you open your laptop…which seems quite dead without internet honestly but sometimes Word works quite ok to type in a long due post, right?

So, It’s HIS birthday soon, in the month of January, my first and oldest best friend…Abhijit!

As I type this sitting on the Milan airport, I totally believe that it doesn’t matter which corner of the world I am sailing through, 22nd January cannot be forgotten, now and ever. Abhijit and I share this lovely friendship from Kindergarten to grade 10th to grade 12th to graduation to post graduation to job to real world! It really seemed to never stop! He has been a friend with whom I was 100% ME, a person who just never expected anything out of me! The whole equation was very simple with him, no complexities and formalities involved.

Kindergarten to grade 10th was a very immature period where I never realized that this guy means a lot to me! It was only after we changed paths while entering college, we made different decisions and 2 years kind of just flew away. Engineering were the days when we gelled again in our mature senses and then there was no coming back. Tremendous fun and exuberant joy….thats ALLwe share. The beauty of this friendship is that it’s truly Pure. A true true Friendship that has no definitions, he wouldn’t want me to be something he would like me to be and I wouldn’t ask him to be what I would like him to be! We just adore each other the way we are!

So, a very Happy Birthday to my first and oldest F.R.I.E.N.D, Abhya!