Sunday, May 3, 2009

I want to go back...i dont know where.
Where do i want to go...go back...where???

May be home...may be India...may be back to a single's life...may be. Watched a movie today, "The Holiday". Fantabulous acting by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet and the Irish gentleman (not sure what his name is). Well, once again i realized that i am crazy about irish guys. Ya, i sort of like wait...adore them...not mean good looking or handsome may be. Whatever, you got it, didnt you ;) Its a good movie except for the fact that they weep the entire time coz they are singles. isnt that bad.

You get to be stuff...sometimes...or most of the times do nothing. Not cook...not TV, doenst matter how man!!! I feel like living boundless again. I want to be careless...i dont want to track myself or anyone else. I feel the urge to mess up a little, may be myself, may be my hold on. I dont want a house...a mortgage neither. A studio apartment would work...which can give me enough room for my twin bed, TV & a small kitchen...and yes, a bean bag to lie on for hoursssss.

Every weekend is different for me...week doesnt matter much coz then i dont have enough time to think about such random stuff. Last one was full of dresses... this one was about watching a shakespear's play, attending a DJ/bhangra night where DJ Rekha was one of the attractions it seems. Apparently, we, i mean my husband was expecting her to be a babe and she wansnt...pretty famous though and i absolutely dont know why. She was no good than a regular DJ. You know what...DJ parties are no more fun for me. Why? Oh god...i have no clue what i am writing...

I am out of my mind...weird...tired...and yes...married!!!!