Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tired of getting up early and coming home late!!!

Its dark when i wake up
Its dark when i sleep
Its dark when i come home
Its dark when i leave

I strove to see sunrise before,
But i used to be fast asleep,
I strive to see sunrise now,
Am already busy,when he is ready to peep.

Being on the road, in the dark, in the nights,
Its hard to see any further than the headlights,
But you can make the whole trip that way,
Its ok...even if the car tries to sway ;)

This is the changed story of my life,
& this is the fact, not at all a rife!!!

I was chasing the sun earlier,
And he is doing the same now...
We need to try & wake up together,
Just have to figure out how :)


Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali has always been very special for me. My mom use to make great sweets for diwali, we use to have a big puja in our factory with all the workers in house, my friends, family, big time party with food and sweets. Center of the story were the firecrackers though. OMG!!! we had a fascination for this "5000 chi phatakyachi mal" (its a type of firecracker) which goes on for like 4 minutes continuously. I just loved it when all the faces in our colony use to peep through the balconies to see this three minute show and make sure its us again who had the priviledge of lighting this huge and expensive cracker in the entire neighbourhood. Not one single time did my dad made me miss this feeling of being on top of the entire world. Doesn't matter if it was only for a couple of hundred people around the neighbourhood, i still felt to be the superior one amongst the bunch.

The very last diwali that i celebrated at home with my parents was the one before i came to US. My heart was so full that i was wiping my eyes every other second. One thought was all over me, "this is the last one". For the very next diwali, my grandmother expired and we didnt have no reason for any celebrations. The following one was just before my wedding and guess what...i was back home...at my parents place :) One more year for 5000 chi mighty mal and i was full of it again. Diwali last year was here in the US as a newly wedded wife's first festival of lights and brights. I made sweets exactly the way as my mom did. I did the puja with the marigold flowers all over exactly the way my dad did. I tried to bring back every bit of it...finding for reasons not to miss home. So, for all those 24 years of my life, diwali has been full of celebrations, customs, lights, enthusiasm, sweets, happy moods and wonderful wonderful memories.

2009 has not been the same for me though. I made no sweets this year, i dont have no crackers, i didnt do any puja at home, i did not put candles all over my house, and most of all i dont even have a feeling that its DIWALI. I have no enthu to dress up and have fun. My parents are not with me, i miss my sister every minute and as worse it can get, Mandar is not here. I miss him so much today.

Just one thing i would like to say, its hard without your loved ones, cherish them as much as you can. There is nothing much important than a person.

Love you mom
Love you dad
Love you chikya
Love you Mandy

Miss you all!!!