Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tired of getting up early and coming home late!!!

Its dark when i wake up
Its dark when i sleep
Its dark when i come home
Its dark when i leave

I strove to see sunrise before,
But i used to be fast asleep,
I strive to see sunrise now,
Am already busy,when he is ready to peep.

Being on the road, in the dark, in the nights,
Its hard to see any further than the headlights,
But you can make the whole trip that way,
Its ok...even if the car tries to sway ;)

This is the changed story of my life,
& this is the fact, not at all a rife!!!

I was chasing the sun earlier,
And he is doing the same now...
We need to try & wake up together,
Just have to figure out how :)


Kayjee said...

very nice and well written indeed, the irony is:

Whether I wake up too early
Or I end up waking late.
There's no sun up north in the winter
Till December's 22nd date.

From then on its a role reversal,
As its light from four (am) till nine (pm)
Life's ups and downs are just that -
Often dark, then bright sunshine :D

Agnes said...

Good job!

Personally, I like winters. Southern winters.