President Elect Barack Obama...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I was registered for voting at the age of 18 in my home country, India. Back then i was never serious about the right to vote. My disliking politics was to the extent of not voting...who cares who is gona be your next authority...they all are the same anyways. Irrespective of my mindset that the elected person has nothing to do with the word IMPROVE, the right to vote is a prime requisite for a citizen of that particular country. I have started experiencing and believing it more...after all, i am counted amongst the minorities now and cant vote for any good reason.

I never portrayed myself following politics. I hateeee politics; however, Elections-2008 was a huge deal, for both, me & Obama ;). Moreover, i was into it since the primaries started heating up.The battle between Clinton and Obama was at its peak....thats when i realized....i like Obama better. Not that i knew anything about him and his work...but i liked the way he was campaigning. I felt some percentage of honesty and clarity when he spoke out his plans and policies. On the other hand, Clinton's fake smile and her non-promising objectives were absolutely shaky & annoying or may be... i just had a little crush on Obama ;). Oh ya! he is one super handsome fellow...tall, dark, handsome :). Jokes apart...coz DARK is not a very casual term or part of a phrase in his can be profoundly stated as BLACK or subtly uttered as African American to be on the safer side, no offense anyways.

Eventually, Maccain-Obama times were more fun to me. From the very beginning i was not too serious about it but as it reached the vice-president choosing stage...oh ya!i was so not with Maccain, i soooo didn't like Palin! I had a feeling that this lady knows politics as much as i do and i wont definitely go and stand for a vice presidential post. Holy moly...that self conscious s*** lady-politician should have come out of Alaska first to be a potential US vice-president. I was amazed to see her debating abilities and i thought that she was literally making an assault on the history of politics, not verbally, just that the technicality was nowhere existing. She was taught to speak what she spoke in the debates and not being able to give the relevent remarks, she was taking both, Joe Biden and the debate moderator, back to the question bank/answer bank she had learnt. It all sounded very similar to the standard 10th "Most Likely" question paper series to me. Alas! (not Alaska ;)) unfortunately the syllabus was changed this year and the vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin failed ( i am happy for her and in turn US citizens too). This was the time when i felt that Maccain is not affordable and i wished i could have put my 2 cents into it by voting for Obama :(

On the very day...The day of unwrapping the count of votes...the facebook status updates were in Barack's favor, my labmates, both, a white & a black guy voted for Obama, many of the minority friends were supporting obama-policies, counting was going at its full speed...looked like Maccain was not gona make it...i was sighing! The black community through the entire US was blushing...i just thought, we were getting there...and at 11 pm or so, ABC/CNN/Fox, all the news channels had one thing to say..."Barack Obama is the president elect with 270+ electoral votes....AHhhhhhhhhhh!

I enjoyed the moment...just one 2 cents.... :((

Lina :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are you aware of many such people who are real good at heart...people who wouldn't ever think of hurting someone for any damn reason? One of this rare species is my friend/labmate, LINA. She is quiet a composition...a perfect combo of beauty and brains, sweet, cute, nutty, smart, transparent Columbian female...whose full name runs a line long before stopping..."Lina Paola Herrera Estrada"....yup...thats a real name :). She has a people pleasing disorder, to be short, she is very much engaged in PPD. Yes, she goes out of her way to bake a cake for every single occasion....may it be a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding....doesn't matter. She needs a reason and a new awesome cake is ready each time. Her partners in crime are Leigh hudson (my other cutie labmate) and none other than myself...

So, a few words dedicated to this pink lover, cake baker and a sweetu friend :)

Mona, Rina, Sona, Tina....
Coming from the same genre,
What's so special about Lina?

"Sweet" is a Lina-word,
"Cute" is Lina's sword.

Inside out being a nurd,
She manages being preferred!

Organization is her key, see.

Unlimited gossip, no fee,
All-time partners, Shalmaleigh :)

Someone whose dress is pink,
For whom, blue comes later...
Pink is the primary ink,
Lina@pink is her website link,
Hello-kitty girl she is, blink blink!

"Two" makes friends,
"Three" is a crowd...
But, Leigh, Lina and I
Can say it loud,
We are buddies,
In search of fun,
Only smiles matter,
A million, a ton :))

Hope you like it girl!