All Xmassy already!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weather is cooler, Xmas songs are playing in buses and taxis, office cubicles are decorated with green and red, restaurants are full of servers with Xmas hats! Don’t you just love this time when holidays are round the corner and every other person is waiting for the grand year end with a brand new start?
Cooler winds in Singapore are certainly a pleasure, all that natural air to breathe in, only December can do this miracle! Ya, it’s not quite cold to wear boots and coats but a few nights without turning the AC on, is definitely not less than showing off your stylish winter clothing.
This bit of a slowdown at work, colleagues relaxing and listening to music without headphones, everyone wishing each other “happy holidays”, god I love it!
Donot rush, take your time; this is the most happening time of the year. This glimmer and cheer around you is to enjoy and have fun! Stop, look back, breathe and thank for all those beautiful and not-so-beautiful Decembers you have had. Don’t be angry with you or anyone else. Let go and everything around you will be simply beautiful.
Oh, is it Friday already? Well, not quite! One more day to start a long vacation until next year :)

Merry Christmas you All and happy Friday Thursday!

And the mood just gets better :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Candle light hot shower is therapeutic! Hot steam of water and miraculous flame of candle make a deadly combination.
If you are sweat-soaked after an intense workout or if you are worn out after a full day of hectic work, aroma of the Lux lavender bodywash will scent you up from top to bottom. This hot shower after loads of tiring paper work is like a rebirth for me. And it can be made absolutely divine if you shut the 100 watt bulb off and light a beautiful scented candle in your shower. Why do you think a little flame in your shower brings “Bali” home… it’s all the candle effect.
Now just as much I love candles, how about a cuppa scalding hot coffee after this steaming hot shower! Ahh “Life” -- What’s there to not love about it?