First day at CPF Dualam!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yes!!! I got the job :)

As much interesting it sounds, it actually is. Recession and the overall economy has affected millions and i am not an exception. However, i got this job in a well-to-do construction company, very commonly known as Dualam, USA. 8:00am was a nightmare to be in school for the first class of the day and we use to curse Dr. Chawla for being that punctual. He wont allow a 5 minute delay :(. Big deal...5 minutes. is a big deal in real world. Being used to a cocooned life style where undergrad's-day started at 10:00am back in India, promoted me to the grad's-day, here in US, which used to start at 8:00am. Its time to get out of the cocoon though....i have received this grand promotion where i have to clock-in on site at 6:30am. Getting to the job site takes me about 50 unwanted early morning minutes when the sun doesn't bother to show up but i need about that? You better leave home by 5:30am or you are fired girl!!!

Its no normal AC cabins for the bosses and reasonably big cubes for the beginners. Its no luxurious computers on the desks and cleanliness all around. Its no putting pots and plants, frames and photos, crafts and paintings on the desks. Its no skirts and formals, make-up and hair, jewelery and matching purses. Keep it real jeans, safety glasses, hard hats, steel toed boots and vests....the boots are too heavy though :(. I can hardly walk.

I and my boss sit in the same cabin. After all, i am the Junior Inspector and he is the Senior Inspector...yeah its the Quality Assurance Dept. I like it so far. Lets see when the actual work begins. Seems like my boss is on a 12 hrs shift right now...i don't want to be promoted any sooner :)