Confession :P

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wish you all a very happy 2010 !!!

This is not a post about either 2010's resolutions or 2009's memories.
It is about a few changes that i have made to myself in past few years.

Yesterday is when i thought about the differences between being"ME"and pretending to be "ME". When i think of all those years i was in India and how i was well known for being a tomboy :)) wonderful memories...and comfortable too. I was more friends with guys than girls coz i hated discussions over a few bucks here and there after watching a movie, being possessive about friend A than friend B, gossiping about an X affair in the school blah blah. I would rather do something adventurous, more creative and productive. 21 years of my life, i never dealt with an eye-liner, i claimed i knew all about sex & reproduction but honestly...i didn't, i never dreamed of a perfect guy in my teenage, i loved to dress-up but in my own way...and what that means is look good & be comfy. Be noticed in a way that you don't need to hold your breath to pull in your tummy and look stunning. I remember the first 6 months in Birmingham. I never found a good enough beautician to thread my eyebrows and guess what i never took an effort to find one either. My sis saw me on the web-cam and she was more worried about the full grown jungle on my face:P thats when she threatened me to go and get it I believe i had 1 body lotion, 1 deo, 1 perfume, 2 nail-paint shades and 3 lip-sticks....that was my entire stock of cosmetics..believe me....ROF!!!

Today it takes me an hour to get ready before i leave for a party with enormously kayotic cosmetic choices...a dozen liners, 2 dozen lip sticks, a wide range of matching accessories and what not...uhhh!!!

Today i socialize in girl-groups, i gossip, i chat about jewelery, dresses, make-up, shoes, hand bags and fashion....thats weird!!!

Today i wear a Capri just so that my pretty boots are noticeable in 30 degree and why???

Today i care about looking good, looking perfect and try to fit within all other girlie girls. Unfortunately its not ME. Striving to look good with a punch line, "Anything for fashion"...its not me.

I have this confession to make. I have changed 180 degrees and by no means its doing any bad. Its just that i have to choose fashion over my comfort (reason: Mandar likes it)which makes me uncomfortable....would rather wear a blue jeans, GAP hoody and go to a new years party:P

For now, here is what i actually wore :)