Are you blessed too? I am...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And how do i find time for everything? Right! I just love doing everything, What A Pain...arggghhhh!!!

Tons of interesting things to do around and Major Scarcity of time!
Wake up, get ready, rush, work, rush back, cook, clean, workout, sleep! Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5...Weekend! Do a "ToDo" list for the most wanted Day6 and Day7 and on a Sunday evening you are soooo worked up by checking the tasks on the ToDo list, plus Monday is round the corner. What a Mundane life! When do i blog and paint and dance and learn a new language and see places and make a "handmade pillow cover" and learn ice skating and continue with my drumming lessons and read books and call up friends, friends from everywhere and and and...huh! Sometimes i think why do we have to sleep for 7-8 valuable hours and why do we have to preach healthy living when the Long Lived Life wont be enough to do what we love. But then i really love sleeping too :P

While i was struggling over all these thoughts i saw this episode of Kaun banega crorepati (who wants to be a millionaire) last night....this person wanted to win money because he has a government job paying 10,000 INR/month and a wife with 2 kids. His biggest worry is that he cannot support his parents with his salary. 10,000 INR, 257 Sing dollars, 257.06 Sing Dollars, Wait, is this real? People still survive, smile and act as if they are satisfied?

The other day i heard Singapore has come up with a special train station for blinds. The entire platform is Blind Friendly, isn't that amazing? Then it struck me, the morning rush to catch a train in Singapore is not a cake walk for a person with two eyes that are absolutely functional....and blind people travel by these trains? Is this real too?

My mom arranged a trip to a local old age home on my Grandmom's 5th death anniversary. She served food and donated some goodies to make the senior citizens happy. Bless her heart, what a wonderful way to celebrate a death anniversary of our loved one. I saw pictures of these old souls and the smile on their faces to take the goodies from mom. I got a feeling that they missed being Loved and were extremely happy to get that special attention from ma. "Not being Loved", i am sure nothing hurts more :(

And when i see such sad  little things around, my mundane routine life seems very stable, very hopeful, very satisfying and i feel absolutely blessed to have one...Discontent is sure a killer! We have, have to be thankful for what we have, a very simple key to Happiness, i think!