Thanks to "T"

Thursday, September 23, 2010

When my father bought his first cell phone, i remember the local incoming charges in India were 17 Rs./min. My uncle flew to the US for the first time in 1988 and it was almost next to impossible to make international calls and talk for long hours. In my school days i knew nothing more than "dial ups" for connecting to the internet and checking some absolutely vague unnecessary emails.

Technology has come so far and its been made so amazingly easy for us to do, get and have almost everything instantly, whenever and wherever. All you need is a technology ka magic, "internet connection" and the world is yours.

My pa strongly believes in picking up the phone and making a quick call for getting work done. He is old school and usually likes to follow conventional path. Ma likes the whole concept of internet but prefers apna mobile ka zatpat funda. For last 4 years i have been convincing them to get onto internet and learn. Time demands for it now. They were just too busy in their lives and my younger sister was a savior for them. She took care of everythinggggg....I was so worried about mom dad now that she has moved to Scotland...but guess has taken it very seriously and she is at it :))) These days, ma spends more time on facebook than i do. She starts the chats pretty smoothly and dad is having fun talking to his 2 daughters, one in Singapore and other in Aberdeen. Video chatting has made it so easy for them to see us and fill up the vacuum that was created since my sister left. Dad says, " it doesn't feel like my daughters are somewhere out there in this big world" and ma is inquiring about the video conferencing procedures ;)

This is the time when my parents are all alone in that huge house of ours, all by themselves, i feel the urge to appreciate what technology has done for us. 2 thumbs up for everyone who has made "connecting" so straight forward and most importantly, cheap, of course, not to forget about the "free" part of it, right ??? :)