Ma MAC-intosh !!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Mac,

I have been an Apple fan for long now. For the very same reason, i was very much willing to buy a white Macbook during my "hunting for a new laptop" days. I had just started my Masters on a research assistantship and everybody knows how short of money RA's are after paying for tuition, rent, groceries and living. So i kept on looking and searching and looking and searching for a cheaper option and just couldn't get you out of my head.

Finally, that day, i decided to treat myself with the money i had saved from a couple of months of scholarship-salary. I made my mind to bring you home. Not waiting for anymore deals or upcoming thanksgiving sales, i bought you directly from Apple's website. You were my first big purchase from the salary i earned in my first job. The moment you were shipped,i started counting days for you to come home. Apple did a great job with your packaging but i was so anxious to see you, i almost tore it all in pieces and there were....The magnificent, white you! I blushed and was absolutely delighted to have you with me @ our home, Summit house apartments.

Since then--2006, i have had you in all my good and bad times. When i was writing my 130 pages of thesis, when i graduated,when i was looking for jobs, when i used to chat with Mandar for long nights, when i cried seeing my family miles away on the webcam, when i was blogging, when i didn't have time to surf and when i had so much time that i almost felt alone. Time changed, people did too but you have followed me like my shadow. No matter how many more versions of you come in the market and no matter how many more laptops i purchase in the coming future, you will always be my first love, darling MAC!

Your Proud Owner :)


Anonymous said...

Yayiie, congrats!

Aubrey said...

nice post! Apparently I should've brought Mac home with me and we'd still be together instead of settling for someone cheap ;) I will be buying a Mac next time around!

Isshhhhhh said...

Tu aur mera pati,ek hi thaali ke chatte batte hain...
Apple ke Diwaane!!!!!!!