The hunt is temporarily paused :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Remember this post from the newy times after moving to Singapore...i was so amused at the fact that sometimes friends cannot just happen and they have to be searched for but its not completely true indeed!

Yes, i have settled down here and the roots have started to spread wider. The hunt is coming to an end for now. I feel like home in Singapore and its not because of just the familiarity of this place, its because of the "people" who have slowly and steadily grown to become "Friends" and some "Best of Friends" :)

All those "dreams" of hanging-out "again" with the same chilled-out attitude when you don't really need to think before spilling the beans have turned real....Surely in the supreme absurdity of dreams there is always truth :)

I am back to the long chit chats, chai sessions and holy trinity of girliness :)

Life's good again!


A said...

So glad! Friends are everything :-))))

Anu said...

Nicee, i miss you my dearest and darling Friend

pallavi puri said...

Sounds like you are in a good place now :) Enjoy with your friends!