Who Knows?

Monday, April 8, 2013

 Sitting on the Airport, waiting to board my flight, no wifi connection and everyone would agree that data roaming is too expensive! Eyes and brain cells too tired of working, so reading a book-out of question. Whats my next option? Simply sitting & looking around, hmm, doesn't sound too bad! 

Its really interesting to just look around on airports, so many people with their own different stories are chatting, eating, laughing, dozing, shopping! But something really caught my eye that day was a couple departing and going to two different gates for flying their own ways. Now i kept looking for a few moments, both were crying (yes! the boy as well), kissing passionately and looking at each other without winking even for a second. I could feel their pain distance away, their hands intertwined, bodies up-close and the warm everlasting stare that could not have moved unless their was to be something as crazy as an earthquake.

Aww, the two strangers, So much in love! I know this line from somewhere, "To meet & Part is the way of life but to Part & Meet is the hope of life". True, ehh?

And then right after being charged up by this emotional experience, i heard a very heartbreaking story of a friend who got a divorce after his long marriage. He is very happy & relieved after breaking the love-bonds which proved to be quite a rough patch of his life. Only So much for love?

This leaves me with discomforting thoughts, whats the Way & whats the Hope really? with the most beautiful emotion in life--Love, Who knows?



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