I want to go home...da da daaa :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

I want to go home, da da daaa :) I am total vella today! Rather I have made myself available for vella-bility coz nothing urgent has come up at work (phew! Surprisingly !) and rest can wait! Never mind lahhh!
Busy week is much better than a dragging week but hey, some lazy and relaxing days at work are not too bad as well.  Last evening I got out of office at sharp 5 pm and instantly tuned into 96.3 FM, what bliss! There was no stopping this RJ who was literally on fire, back to back unbelievably melodious hindi tracks! Ok, half of them might be on my playlist but the exciting part of listening to a radio is it takes you  on a surprise ride! It’s almost like a super duper shuffle function on your iPod!
Suddenly I got thinking what if there was no such thing called music or songs or hindi songs to be more specific. Of course I am a big Hollywood country music fan but it can never ever beat the sheer joy of  listening to hindis. The language just retains more emotions & feelings, for me! So back to the point of living without music, can u even imagine that? I just feel it might not be worth living anymore, the definition of basic needs should be changed in the community-living-textbook for kids-food, clothing, shelter and…?? And Music! Really! It’s that much of an inseparable part of my life but when was the last time I thought about this…don’t know, don’t remember, never…I guess (eyes rolling & face confused - my expression right now)!

Hmmm, so that’s my message for today, never take things or people for granted, you may only realize how worth they were in their absence! Taking a mental note of who is worth what, once in a while sounds like a good idea to me :)
I want to go home, da da daaaa ! Happy Friday, Again!


ADCET Blogger said...
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abhijit said...

No music.... its almost equal to NO EMOTIONS!!!
Thats how important it is....