The Unplanned is always sweet :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What a roller coaster these two months have been. April and May were by far the busiest months of my entire life. I was in for a ride both physically and emotionally. Travel was almost non-stop to a point where at the end of May I had about 5 bags lined in a row begging to be unpacked ;).

More intense were the emotional ups and downs….Pause…. **Warning: Long sentence ahead before coming to a Full Stop**…..ok, Continue :)…where I met my long lost friend Asmit after a good seven years break, hung out with my long time crush Actor/director Rajat Kapoor (of course i am blushing) invited a Bollywood celebrity home for dinner, experienced excitement of The Great Vinay Pathak performing live in his hotel room with the only Audience apart from his team being “me” (of course i am showing off), not only attended a wedding of my bestie which was due for a long thousand years but also walked her through the aisle of this beautiful church (of course i am not crying...phew), hung out with my cool dude BIL after a long 4 years who traveled all the way from US with a stopover in the lion city before reaching India.

Meeting Asmit made me realize that some things never change...the seven-year gap was instantly erased and we went back to the same old equation! I learnt the real meaning of being down to earth after meeting Vinay ji, what a gem he is! Rajat kapoor & his play "Nothink like Lear" took me back to the times of drama rehearsals i used to sit in-my most lovely time spent ever! Walking the bride through an aisle is no simple thing, it depicts a strong bond with the bride and the bond between us i think carved confirmation on her wedding day.

With this sequence of happenings I really don’t know what I treasure most. Every person mentioned here has an important place in my heart. Times pass by and we don’t get a chance to talk, to meet, to see people we love and these 2 months just brought together an unexpected number of events that were destined to happen. Isn’t this surprise element in life the most you will remember and cherish for the coming years?