This change in me is Novel or its a Novel ME ???

Monday, August 15, 2011

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"Its amazing how you can speak right to my heart.....You say it best, when you say nothing at all...."

Ahh...beautiful lyrics and lovely song! Its "Our" song, Me and Mandy!

I am amazed to see the curve of our relationship going up and up and up. Five years ago, same time of the year we met each other for the first time and blink blink....fell in Love! Beautiful Love, which still is, exactly the same as it was on our first date, Sweet!

But one big difference between today and back then is Trust, the trust that is built up over years . Its the insecurities that made me crazy at a point but today i feel Free, free of insecurities that i had 5 years back, 4 years back, 3 years back, 2 years back.....

He is in Bangkok right now having a "guys-out" holiday, i mean in "The Bangkok" and i want him to have all the fun he can. Ironically i watched Hangover part II this weekend (if you have seen it, you already know what i mean) and i am perfectly fine! My mind doesn't wander in the strip clubs he might go to while going crazy in the wild city. It feels great to not sneak in his email while he is away.

And i am enjoying this new essence of ME being bound in a marriage yet being careless about the boundaries i sometime ago wanted my husband to be in!

The "Insecurities" are now Obsolete and My "Free Mind" on the other hand is novel today :)

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Ridima said...

I am so happy to read this...i wish a more and more and more Happy and a Complete Relation to you both :)
Najar na lage :)

Shalie said...

I think till I read this blog we were just college-mates as I don't remember any interacton with you personally.The thoughts expressed in this blog are so mature that it created a completely new impression of your personality on my mind...hats off to that maturity and I should cretainly say that you are on the right path of being a complete woman rather a complete human being who can understand the soul mate so closely and give a lift to the relationship at very young age.You are reaching to the perfection of Love which is expected and has been written in our scriptures being believed since are actually experincing that divine joy! I wish a complete happiness to both of you.

The Fool said...

Beautiful thoughts. Trust is the essence of every relationship - personal, business or political. Best of luck for Blog-a-ton. You can find my take here In search of freedom

Psych Babbler™ said...

Trust is the most pivotal thing in a relationship, isn't it? Sometimes insecurities that we may have as an individual can mar that trust in others...liked how you have grown with the relationship. Good luck for BAT!

Enchanta said...

I do think you could have elaborated more on the transformation of the emotional aspect.

But I am happy for you if it is your story.

All the Best!

Aashish Sood said...

Very mature outlook.. after all trust is the base of all relations!


Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

Wandering Thoughts

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe bt if ur mind isn wanderin abt wat he cud do den hw cum ur writin abt it.
technically dat does qualify for givin d possibility a thot right? :o

its sweet to c a lovely relationship blossom.
wish fr u to always stay in louuve Inshallah :)

Someone is Special said...

Shalmalee, beautiful post from your pen.. Good luck for Blog-a-Ton.. Free... Are we?

Someone is Special

CRD said...

Trusting and staying true to ur partner's trust are essential in any relationship..nice post

All the best for the contest. Here's my entry

Them Slaves


pri said...

trust is indeed the building block of all relationships..and it is one which keeps getting stronger with time and love :)

there cant exist a relationship without trust.

and believe me when i say, its not just the one who trusts who is free..but the one who is trusted who experiences true (well-deserved) happiness! :)

all the best for BAT!

you can read my entry here---

cheers to good times ahead! :)

Srikanth said...

A mature post I must say! Good one

Brijender Singh said...

That was SO honest!
Truly, if you have achieved the state of mind that you speak of here, you have freed yourself from the most basic of human debilitations-envy and insecurity.

On an aside, just loved your reference to the song-its one of my all time favourites too !

aativas said...'s freedom can be another's bondage .. I say this assuming that it is a fiction.. but if it is reality then you have reached at an exceptions stage of mind and life. Keep it up

nidhi said...

true love it is ..and the foundation is always trust :)..loved the post
my entry FREE

Cherry Blossom said...

Its best to let your mind be free when the bondage gives you nothing but pain. I am happy if you have really achieved it and I can say that you'll be the happiest person on earth. Life has much better things to offer than to waste your tears for those ungrateful. Beautiful piece of writing.

Cherry Blossom said...
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Ketan - said...

Congratulations to a trusted relationship...

Vikram Pyati said...

A very different post from all others and I simply LOVED it:) A very honest and a cute write up.