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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Not a usual December for sure! Full of doctors, medicines, treatments and stress! But all is good now and there is a sudden realization that its already 24th of December and i have been caught up so badly that i haven't even noticed my favorite month pass by so fast...so incredibly fast. The least i can do is put a post quickly on this beautiful cloudy Xmas eve :)

Many friends have either left or are leaving on a holiday today, traveling to mesmerizing locations. We would have been roaming somewhere around the world if it was not for Ruhaan. Howeverrrr, this year its all together a different joy to plan a trip to the nearest mall to buy Xmas gifts for Rui, dress him in Xmas sleep suit tonight, open presents tomorrow morning and learn this new side of Xmas with #Santa Claus#Reindeers#Gift-opening#kids stuff# and most wonderful of all, experience the Family bonding over this holiday season-our small little family of three! Last year this time i was desperate to give birth @ 8 months of pregnancy and get this little bub out of my tummy. Just 9 months after his birth i see him walking on his 2 little feet & exploring the world. "A proud and amazed mum" !!!

Let me get going now, i need to buy fresh bakery (that's my another xmas tradition-lots of calories :P) and Rui's present :)

A very merry Christmas all !! Take it easy and chill :) Jingle bell Jingle bell, na na na naaaaa....


abhijit said...

Merry Christmas dear.. Wish Mandy n Rui too frm ma side... Enjuoy!!! And good to know... Tht U n Rui are fine now... :)