Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One look out of that window and the afternoon looks dull (in a good way), slow and holidayish! My white Christmas tree (a small one-12 inches may be) sparkling with blue ornaments is already out on the desk. It almost looks like a garden here, xmas tree, artificial flowers, a few real ones from my bday last week and 2 vases full of yellow and lavender orchids. Arghh! but a garden with papers, a phone and laptop :( I am smelling the holiday mood and that calls for a trip to the library to pick a Christmas novel. That's like a ritual every year! the rains as usual are making everything look misty, hazy, cloudy and this cold breeze is what i wait for, all year long.

Have been trying to cut down on coffee and tea recently but this certainly is the worst time to start. I should have let December pass by :( How to catch the essence of life without a hot coffee mug in the hand letting the steam & aroma warm your face? I wish we had a digital memory to capture moments, something that will let you be in that moment again. Life would have been sorted. Feel like drinking coffee? Click "play" and be in the moment :))

Ohhh, most importantly, i would record the whole bedtime routine that i do for Ruhaan, that is the most lovely time of the day when i smell the baby soap, baby powder and feel the soft touch of his chubby cheeks while he watches twinkle twinkle little stars and drinks his milk. And I? watch him, simply watch, just watch you know...and capture him in my eyes as much as i can! Aww, these tears, i can't see at the screen anymore, its even more misty...



A said...

Belated happy birthday :-)
Hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner… time flies :-)