The White Experience!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

If you haven't visited Alberobello, which i think is quite likely as it is a tiny little place tucked somewhere far in the south of Italy, you really should make an effort to go and see this town. Its a pretty little town made up in white stone. Pure white houses with super clean roads as if no one has ever used these. With a population of just 11,000 people (mostly older generation), this is such a unique, calm and cute town. I can talk about it forever even though walking around the whole town just took half a day, No...few hours, No...4 hours, Umm...3 and 1/2 may be, Ya....3 and 1/2 hours :)

The European street lamps, the stony pavements, the little pizzerias, the Juliet balconies and a unique-cozy warmth in chilly weather (may be because i was wrapped up in Mandar's arms:P)! While walking around, i felt its unreal, as if its an ideal set for a movie, as if real people don't live here, they have been told to mingle around to look real, haha! Its that perfect, that picturesque! We walked around the Trulo houses,  kept rushing inside the coffee bars to gather some warmth, trailed around the "business district" which was just one beautiful lane full of tourist shops selling handmade crocheted winter-wear and clicked tons of pictures.

This unesco sight Alberobello, Bari is worth a longgg train ride to the very south of Italy. Please please visit this place, its heaven on earth! Oh and do take a book along, read it sitting on the bench in the piazza, grab a hot chocolate from the vending machine across the piazza, you wouldn't forget the name, its called - "Automatic shop"  ;)

Divertiti, Ciao!