Monday, March 1, 2010

Yes i know. Hate is a strong word but its the only one that comes to my mind right now. This is for all who have betrayed you, your friend, your sister/brother or whom so ever. Huh!!! i am so Angry.

I hate when they promise,
and don't keep it.

I hate when they say Sorry,
and don't mean it.

I hate when they pretend
and don't really try.

I hate when its impossible
and just not difficult.

I can swallow the tense,
I can eat the frustration,
I can breathe through anger,
What do i do with the wound though?

For they can't make there mind,
I pity them,
For they can't commit to One,
I care the least as well.

Love is another strong word,
Handle it with care,
As much as brittle it is,
Betrayal you don't dare!!!
For me, i wont accept it,
and choose not to live with it,

So you all be careful out there,
Who all chose to "love"
Understand and cherish the word,
Relation is not something to Shove.


Prashanti :) said...

Well expressed !! And am sorry for your friend.

Agnes said...

It's upsetting, I know.

Anu said...

also hate all this

Alvn said...
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Alvn said...

Words right out of my heart/head

Archana Gawde said...

Too strong an anger! To strong a only kills self and not the betrayer. Trust me I can feel it more than anyone else can.

All I learned is:

Do not forgive, do not forget, but move on..the only way to answer a betrayal is to stand back strong! and everyone will

magiceye said...

great catharsis!