Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 9th: S as in SALE!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have pretty much figured out that Singapore is not the place for clearance shopping. They say too many %'S off' here but it doesn't mean a whole lot. US was the place to knock out some awesome deals. Inspite of this fact, I was extremely excited to do my first clearance shopping in Singapore the other day. Heaps of clothes, oh how i love to get lost in those heapssssss :) Yes, i am a SALE SALE SALE person, wink wink :*

So the offer was to pick any piece out of the massive stock and its yours for S$3.
Fine Print: It may be defective!

and usually when i see such an offer, i almost always skip the fine print IMP note :) I picked up a couple of tops, checked or may be semi-checked them, paid at the counter, walked away.

Fine print again: No returns/No refunds!
Hmmmm! Interesting!

Out of the six tops, one has a torn lace, one is zip-less and one is missing buttons.But what the heck....I just went back next day and got a sewing kit :PP
Positive attitude you see :D


Ridima said...

but cheers to your positive attitude :)

Leo said...

fine prints are too fine :P hope the sewing kit wasn't defective too..

magiceye said...

way to go!!!