Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 11th: "Q" words

Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 things i like to do with the Q's on and off:

To Querl lazy in the Quilts
To read random Quotes
To eat Quadratini
To be Quietsome at times
To make few Quick-bucks here and there
To spend Quality time with books
To unfold the meaning in Quaint poems
To be playfully Quizzical
To collect Quadrins fallen on the streets :P
To feel Queenly on days

and i wish, cozy was spelt as Qozy, curious as Qrious, cute as Qute and so on, i could have extended this list to 20 things i like to do with Q's :)

Quirl: curl
unusual or different in character
Quadrins: A small piece of money or a half cent
Quizzical:mildly teasing or mocking


Reenie said...

what a cute photo :)

Leo said...

hey, those were some nice things.. i dont mind quality time with books either, preferably novels ;)

Anu said...

Quite Pie :).... Mast hai

liv2write2day said...

What a fun way to "attack" the Q's.
Enjoyed it.

Vibhuti B said...

Hey Shalmalee,
such a candid and creative post there!
Very entertaining your 10 Qs. It takes simplicity and intelligence to pull such interesting posts off!
No Questions, you are all of that!!! :D