Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 16th: M as in Mid!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hmm...Its 1:00 pm, i know, i know, past 12 on the 16th November, huh! Out of the 26 alphabets, its M, the 13th letter today. So MID for coming midway in this challenge :)

What a stressful day,
Thats why, this little delay.
Morning started with a surprise bouquet,
And I thought Today's gonna be my Way.

Alas! Noon came with horrible things in reserve,
One after another, shocks hitting my nerve,
Brain went dead analyzing options, this or that,
I and the problems, facing each other, in a combat!

16th November, 11:30 to 12:00 PM,
Restlessly rushing through work i am,
Want to get home and write up that 13th letter M,
Its the MID today, now don't want to lose, damn!

But i missed the clock by a few ticks,
And Decided not to sleep before this is fixed!

So i tried to compose
This day full of torture,
I am not giving up,
---A hard Core blogger :)

Btw, this is the bouquet that my friend from India sent me as a bday gift. It arrived this morning :) Lovely, isnt it?
Thanks darling Anu!


Anonymous said...

Shamalee--good for you, pulling yourself out of the mid-day mud and writing about it. Hope "L" is kind to you and brings more bouquets.

Leo said...

hey, the M didnt turn out so bad after all :D maybe the L will breathe some life into you :) well done!

Rajlakshmi said...

ahh thats a fine poem :)
and lovely flowers :D

Kayjee said...

I wouldn't wish that problems don't come your way, but just that you may have the continued spirit to face any combat!

Love your spirit, girl!

Purba said...

A conjurer of words :))
And the bouquet is GORGEOUS!