Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 8th: T as in Taal

Sunday, November 7, 2010

TAAL means Rhythm in Indian musical terms. This word takes a considerable space in my world! I am an engineer by profession but art is my soul.

One hundred % inclination towards dance, music and theatre, thats me,
And Taal is a major part of all three.

Rhythm doesn't have a language, region or culture to it in my opinion. It is a free wave that spreads its own character. It makes your feet tap to its tunes irrespective of your origin, talent and rhythmic sense. You don't have to be a dancer to understand rhythm. You can absorb it all being a performer on stage as well as being a part of the audience, off stage.

I wish it wasn't necessary to graduate from a good school and have a commendable degree and and work and make money and live a life without actually living it! All i would have done is, written poems, danced around the world, played various instruments and would have learnt as many art forms as i can in one given life.

Thats my definition of LIVING! Unfortunately life is not fair to this extent.

So, for now, i am happy blogging!


Anu said...

Mast hai Ladki :)

Leo said...

I'll second Anu :D

rhythm is important..

Kayjee said...

forget about what's necessary, just follow your soul, go for it!
it's a pleasure to follow your alphabet challenge!

Ridima said...

I agree totally...
u enjoy bloging and we enjoy reading your blogs :)