Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 27th: C as in Colors!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Colors make me happy. Colors are the spice of my life.
Everything's dull if i am not surrounded with those vibrant shades.

Image Credits:
Prachi at http://purplehomes.blogspot.com/
Archana at http://rangdecor.blogspot.com/
Kathakali at http://kattykally.blogspot.com/
Archana at http://shortsnippets.blogspot.com/


Kattykally said...

yayy, two of my photos made the cut!! i love colours too, that's why holi is my favourite festival... and you have just 2 more alphabets to go, what a glorious blogging month it has been on "the soul"!

Kattykally said...

correction: two of A's photos. when it comes to photographs, the credit always goes to "the husband" :P

Reenie said...

Oh, what lovely photos!

Two more days! May I say that you swam through this challenge in flying colours?


Leo said...

I don't mind the color of chocolate either, Shalmalee ;)

Ridima said...

I stand for everybody's comment except for the colour of chocolate...i guess chocolate would seem odd in this colour scheme.
but anyway...its BEAUTIFUL :)

Kattykally said...

And I agree with Ridima! I would rather be concerned about the taste and texture of chocolate than its colour...by the way those who have a photo themed the colour of chocolate can post it on a photo challenge themed "brown" next thursday here - http://www.spunwithtears.com/thursday.html

Purba said...

Nice, warm colours. Colours that cheer you up :))