Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 18th: K as in Kathakali!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have saved every post-it note she gave me,
I remember every tea talk i have had with her,
I miss her when i recall how she woke me up on lazy mornings,
I was fond of the midnight gossip we did laying in our beds,
I crave for those brownies we baked at half passed 12,
I feel the need for her wisdom words in my melancholy times,
I learnt to write a few bengali alphabets with her,
I got inspired to read books from her,
I shared all facts "about me" with her and if i didn't, she figured it out, somehow!

Most people call her Kay-jee, short for Kathakali Ghosh. I call her KG. Few relations just click, no explanations needed. This one is out of those few for me. My room-mate, KG, we lived together for a very small span. However, the connection was instant. The day she left Birmingham, i felt empty deep down in my heart and since then we haven't met as of today. Her last image in my eyes is still clear, she said, " Hum Milenge, Rona Nahi" ("we will meet, don't cry").

This post is for her. I look forward to meet her and give her a longing hug, hopefully soon :)

Babooni (that is what she calls me :))


Leo said...

her name is Kathakali? :-o very unique.. I tht u were writing of the dance form, Shalmalee :)

hope u meet ur friend real soon.. her nickname for u is very interesting too :D

Anonymous said...

The gift of such a friendship is precious indeed. I hope you will eet again soon.

Kayjee said...

yayy me likes me likes, both the post(its) and the picture :D

Kayjee said...

oh how could i miss noticing the detergent-microwave note...hahaha i can't stop laughing. you are amazing, you still have them?!

Ramya said...

OMG i can't believe you actually have all those post its saved, and have them with you in singapore !! Awesome !

Anonymous said...

Which Bengali alphabets did you learn, Shalmalee? ;)

Shalmalee.... said...

Thanks All!
@ Reenie: I learnt to write my name :))