Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 22nd: H words and H adjectives for H as in Hemali :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes...she is the one who is loaded with millions of PJ's. Did i tell you she keeps reminding you about her birthday on every 10th of the year till November? Everyone will like to be the first one to pull her leg...thats how she is built, you know! Don't trust her if she says she is not emotional. She will act like the strongest person on this earth in front of you and cry like a baby when she is away. She manages to be the favorite in the bunch, i still don't know how :PP She can make friends with all ages, all genders, all races, no ifs and buts. She falls in the genre of people who effortlessly share your secrets but don't find it easy to open their own book. You can barely tell, A is her best friend and B is not, she likes C more and D irritates her :P

She has this little appearance with a few centimeters of height ;) & a few pounds here and there that she weighs but a massively huge heart that can fit just anyone inside her.

Another amongst my dear ones, H for Hemali. She reserved this alphabet for herself when i was still writing Y. She didn't have to. I wouldn't have wrote H for anything else other than the lovely, Hemali :)

I found on the journey of life,
This, One, darling friend,
Our bond reaching heights,
There is nothing to descend.

A heavenly friend, that Hemali has been to me, i am heart-fully thankful to God for how such relations have happened to be a part of my life. This hard to find, Heteroclitic breed, Hemali, how i love her :)

Heteroclite: Different


magiceye said...

lovely post with lovely images of lovely people!

Leo said...

what a great friendship :) hope u two remain friends for life :D

ps: u dont have to bolden all the Hs.. :)

Kayjee said...

all I can say is "HAIL HEMALI!"

really cute post and "a few cms in Height and a few pounds Here and there" just fits her to the H.

Hey Hemali, we love you too!!

Ridima said...


Purba said...

It's a pleasure reading your A2Z challenge! It's always unique and zesty!

And God bless your friendship.