Z-A challenge in 26 days: November 13th: O as in One!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Looking for a Word,
That starts with an O,
This writers block today,
Scares me like a foe!

Searching, Looking,
Thinking, Thinking,
Ideas stuck,
No luck,
And I am still,
Waiting, waiting!

This O, that O
Oh oh, no no,
Which O, what O,
No O? Hell No!

Finally, One comes across,
Saves me this One time,
Nothing fancy, Nothing hype,
Simple One, completes my rhyme :)


Ridima said...

omg...working so hard finding for word can get such a great output ?????

magiceye said...

that was ossome!! :)

liv2write2day said...

Oh so cute. Love the photo!

Rajlakshmi said...

hehehe thats a clever write ... writing on One :D
well written

Kayjee said...

yes yes, that's the word, that's the one!!
Great going Shalmalee, keep it up!

Leo said...

very clever and sweet. nice photo too, Shalmalee! :D

Reenie said...

Haha, what a cute little poem!

Anu said...

Ek number re bava :)

Purba said...

Oops, that was nice.