Save me through this one pleaseeeeeee :(

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The trip to Bintan was amazing. This island brings to mind the words like indulge, explore, rejuvenate and refresh. Beautiful 2 days where i refreshed the memories Mandar and i made together since we met and fall in love. I wanted to blog about the serene beach, splendid resort, the beach view from our room, peacefulness in the widespread greenery, calmness about the south asian culture, the incredible customer service at Angsana resort, the flawless floral arrangements on various tables, the candles elevating your mood, the mellow asian music, the comforting aromas from the scented oil burners and so much more.

But, back to reality!

Oh god! Oh god!Oh lord!

Guess what! Its not just the beautiful memories i brought back with me to Singapore. OMG, these buggers i tell you. Sandfly its called i guess. Bless my heart, i have sandfly bites all over me :( Red rashes that itch like crazy. First i thought its the sunburn thats giving me a hard time and then i suddenly recalled this caution board that i almost ignored, read "Beware of Sandflies"....Awwwwwwww God, why did i miss it and never applied the insect repellent. I hate myself for being careless when it comes to reading NOTES/CAUTIONS/SIGNS/FINE PRINTS arghhhh! Now this will take weeks to heal, thats what the forums are saying!

Save me through this one!


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely ignorant about sandflies and seems like it is actually a 'blessing'...

Aww... hope you're better soon.

That photograph with you and hubby is very very cute!

Tejas Dighe said...

aabe waste, always have happy memories and not sad ones :P