My 100th post for Akshaya Patra!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 Indian words with a Sanskrit meaning,
Akshaya= Immortal, Indestructible, Inexhaustible
Patra= Vessel

The organization, Akshaya Patra, has given an entirely new meaning to these 2 sanskrit words.

Their slogans say,

Feed a Child
Click a smile
No child must be deprived from food
Children can learn faster than you can imagine, all it takes is a filling meal

Akshaya Patra feeds, 1,253,266 children everyday and the goal is to reach 5 million by 2020 and note, its a NPO. What do i write about them, watch their very own video to see the unbelievable work they are doing for the children of India and their one filling meal.

This is my 100th post and i don't think it would have been any more special without this worthy and outstanding cause. Thanks to for such an opportunity to blog and feed 50 more children. Yes, that is what they say, 1 blog post for their cause=food for 50 hungry children :)

My few cents for these kids of India. May your futures be the brightest, kids :)
For donations,


Maun Vision said...

my 1st comment for your 100th post,
great way to celebrate your 100th post for free food to 50 children.
great write up.
thumbs up.
Next time throw a party for the 1st commenter to your post.

ashu said...

Good Job Shalu. Keep up the good work. God is always with u. Best of luck.


Sonu Pandita

Kattykally said...

great 100th post for a great cause :) keep it up!

Pratibha The Talent said...

3 cheers to your hundredth post .

Mohan said...

Glad to see so many bloggers joining hands to feed the future souls of India!

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th post, Shalmalee!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shalmalee!(very sweet name)what a celebration of 100 th post. Congrats!

chetana said...

i m with u always but 4 now i think u r with everthing, everytime

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, girlie :)

Shruti said...

Hey Shalya,
I have nominated you for an award... Check my blog for details...