I was Flying for a while :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I know i have been misplaced from this space for a while but lots been going and finally it looks like i am settling from the Euphoria and excitement of my new job in Singapore :)

The simple pleasures that i have experienced in last two months, right from getting the interview call to the second interview to the offer letter to the visa approval to the extreme happiness of getting the visa in my hand to the first glance at my business card to my empty and awating cubicle in the office to my own 3 digit phone-extension that indicates DID to getting a building access card in a grand business park location! It has been a long long wait after i relocated to Singapore before i got this job and got working, again. Its beautiful to cherish all the small ME-moments that i have experinced these last 2 months.

And now that i am back on the ground from that other world where i was almost unable to land on my feet, i better stop flying and start blogging ;) what say?


Kattykally said...

It is never enough flying, sweetheart...just wait and watch as you soar to newer heights :)

Anonymous said...

:) how exciting!

aakash said...

congratzz... :)
abhi toh shuruaat hai