Connecting dots!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Its all about connecting the dots!

You come from extreme corners of the world and meet people who suddenly take an important place in your life. You meet, make friends, stay together, depart, get in touch, miss each other and pretty much forget about how you met in first place. A simple bond of Friendship makes it all so wonderful. I get a strange feeling about it sometimes, how people come from somewhere and just start meaning so much to you, you find out strange secrets about them, you explore few common friends, you simply share a bond of memories that felt, like new, just yesterday!

My friend KG, many of you already know her, for those who don't, read this, and you will know her.

Well, here it goes!
Part 1:
KG, originally from Dhanbad (Jharkhand, India),
Me, originally from Sangli (Maharashtra, India),
We, met in Birmingham (Alabama, USA).

Part 2:
She, got married and moved to Shetland (Scotland, UK),
I, got married and moved to Singapore (Singapore, Singapore).

Part 3:
My sister, moved (for her MS) to Aberdeen (Scotland, UK),
KG, has now moved (for her PhD) to Glasgow (Scotland, UK),
Ankur, KG's husband is working in London (England, UK),
My parents, who stay in Sangli (India) are vising my sis in Aberdeen (UK),
My parents/sis took a trip to London (UK) and KG was with Ankur in London (UK) at the same time,

and after each of them traveled so many miles from the extreme corners of the world, they finally met in the Marriott of London yesterday, that too without the actual point of contact, and that would be certainly, me :) I was wanting my Mom and KG to meet for a longgggg time and it finally happened.

These are the reviews i get to hear from both the sitting in Singapore, wink wink!
Mom says, " KG's smile is priceless and she chats with no bounds, we loved her"
KG says, "They are such lovely people, Shalmalee - tell Mandar he is lucky to have such in-laws!! :)"

and i am a happy soul to read these precious comments :)


aakash said...

Strange funny sweet little world..
.. and the dots

Mandar Gori said...

i think you missed 1 'big' dot, and that is me :). i believe you met KG thru me...

and yes, i sure am a lucky son-in-law...just not sure how lucky they are :)

Kattykally said...

Loved it, loved it - the meeting and the blog.
Wish you Mandy and Ankur were there too! but may be some other time in Sangli :)

Kattykally said...

@Mandar oh yes, you are the big dot...we would have never met, had you not offered to give us a ride from I-House after the party, wink wink!

The Narrator ( Sutradhaar) said...

very true about the dots.... btw the title of this entry reminded me of steve jobs and his speech at a commencement address ....

very inspirational.