Monday, April 18, 2011

Hardship is sort of a human shadow,
Like a smooth forehead with "that furrow",
Like a worry that is tough to calm and mellow,
You walk ahead and it will still follow!

You wait for an answer for so long, 
And "that answer" awaits you a furlong,
Things fall into place with a click, and
You keep searching "that moment" of a flick!

But the true hardship lies in "that wait", 
The moments in life when the time dictates,
"That time" when you want to know what's ahead,
The reveal of "that something" that's yet, unsaid!


Mandar Gori said...
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Mandar Gori said...

i love the last stanza. very well written.

Ketaki said...


aakash said...

yeah last stanza was nice..
keep penning :)

Shalie said...

Very good rhymes with lot of meaning!!!-Shalaka.